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From Trauma To Peace - Trailer

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[Tragedy] I heard people screaming. I remember seeing on the opposite mountain people killing with a machete. My husband died. My children died. My whole family was murdered. I had seven siblings. I'm the only one who survived.

[Consequences] I was only seven. It was traumatic for me. I felt that I wasn't safe. You can imagine how many kids suffer from trauma. I have a lot of scars on my head. We never had time to mourn. We realized how bad a human being can be. The country was traumatized, was stressed, was depressed. Trauma cannot be eradicated in Rwanda. It's not one or two people who are affected. It's about many people. I lost hope. I felt life was not worth living when my first-born child also died.

[Healing] I was not expecting a lot from it. So, we went to attend the training. I said to myself, "This is for westerners maybe ..." "... it will not work for us, this is not serious therapy." Some participants cried, others went wild but the treatment we got was fast ... A technique that helps people in a way that they could not believe. ... and no one had a crisis or had to be taken to the hospital. It's a treatment tool that people can learn to use themselves. I notice a huge change in the people we serve. I no longer fight or abuse people verbally. Instead, I help others. It was the first time I laughed since the genocide. When I got home I continued to tap and kept feeling much better ... ... and after getting well, I treated my children. I started to feel joy and to smile. I started over. I raised 4 orphans, and now I have another wife with 4 children. Everyone went home feeling better, even those who had the most serious problems. People did not know how to laugh. But now I am a normal person. I socialize with others.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 31 seconds
Year: 2014
Country: Rwanda
Language: English
Producer: Joanne Callahan & Mary Cowley
Director: Robert C. Stone
Views: 848
Posted by: oob.nding on Sep 5, 2014

Peace IS within our grasp. It is at the tip of our fingers…literally. The upcoming documentary “From Trauma to Peace” will shock you in how quickly and easily people can be relieved of the devastating effects of trauma through the safe and effective “tapping” technique of Thought Field Therapy (TFT). AND how the impact of that emotional freedom not only brings peace of mind to the individual, but facilitates peace within and among communities.

People CAN break the cycle of violence and feel hope and joy again. This film will help create the awareness that entire traumatized communities can help themselves go from trauma to peace.

Please consider a donation to help us bring this documentary to the world --

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