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Alice Bailey comes back afterDeath teach: Relationships and Agreements 2 of 3

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Relationships and Agreements 2 - Alice Bailey This is Alice Bailey continuing Though an interesting point, opened up, in one moment within the interdimensional existence within my experience of myself 'with' this particular being that I decided, as well as he decided to be, 'in agreement with' I had this- fear which was, so suppressed that I, did not recognize or see it, while- within the agreement with this being and this fear was- me literally, being vulnerable and completely open in being able to, stand before all, and everything and everyone that is me and say: This is who I am meaning, standing in no shame standing, in no regret This, fear was because, of- judgments I had, of myself of what I've been and what I've done, and which is deliberate dishonesty So from my perspective, I did not, enter into the agreement with him, in absolute self-honesty because I was still hiding, inside myself- with myself because of this fear of being absolutely completely totally unconditionally vulnerable and open completely, absolutely totally, direct and straight forward I would still accept and allow myself to compromise myself in situations because I would not speak directly, I would- want, to manipulate a situation or an experience to make sure that I control me and my environment, so that I don't have to be open so that I don't "have to be" vulnerable so that I can still close myself, within myself to a certain degree, to make sure that "I don't get hurt" so the fear of 'getting hurt' or- being harmed in some way, with regards to who I am by being, with another human being was quite immense (smile) and so one day, well not one day one moment the being I am in agreement- I was in agreement with well still am in agreement with came, and he looked me- he looked at me directly, stood before me and he says to me: This ends, Here! and he, turned around and walked away (shocked) wow, (laugh) I, completely, broke- into pieces, at that moment and that was already an indication, that there was problem that, I was not unconditional within this point of and as agreement because if this point of me, entering this agreement was unconditional was self-honest one and equal, as me as the being as 'all' whether, we be in agreement or not in agreement, it should not have made a difference, to who I am 'Here' Yet! I fell into pieces I broke apart, I've broke apart My entire foundation of me was, just shattered and I was 'extremely' upset (smile) I even went to a point where I, manifested myself into rain clouds just to cry and cry and 'cry' (smile) because, I was (sigh) I couldn't understand! because what was going in my mi- in myself was: What did I do wrong!? did I do anything wrong? wasn't I good enough? where did I make the mistake, and that's first had kind of went into my mind went- in through in my mind 'through me' until I 'stopped', and I looked at the point of: But wait a minute Alice if you were actually self-honest, within this agreement you wouldn't be experiencing yourself this way So what's going on? and then, that's where I saw the point of- my fear manifested my fear of being 'hurt', by another if I were to have an agreement or going to relationship, so even the relationships structure even existed within me so I "wasn't actually", one and equal in self-honesty within an agreement even though we spoke about it, within myself, there was still- 'us being in a relationship' because of the- accepted and allowed point of 'suppressing', that fear, of being harmed by another So I realized that- that fear was actually, manifested because I was harming myself from the perspective of, where you really harm yourself if you accept and allow yourself to exist in fear to accept and allow yourself to exist in- in in 'suppression' because, it becomes so difficult to try and, manipulate, to try to control, your world and your reality to keep holding onto this fear, that apparently 'protects you' and so it went all further now realize, that this 'fear of being Harmed' was actually me, trying to protect, my personality definition of myself, according to how I've "promised myself" to never go into relationship, to never go- into any form of experience with a man and, that 'promise' I made to myself, throughout 'Life times' still existed 'very very' prominently within myself and, Kieran, basically in that moment, he 'saw' what I was doing, to myself and therefore he had to manifest my fear but it wasn't him, he was merely expressing what I manifest within me and my world, my reality so when he said: This ends Here! he was not speaking to me as 'who I am', in self-honesty one and equal as him he was speaking to my 'personality', defined mind manifestation um and of course I completely went into that mind manifested- personality mind demon! literally, and afterwards the point where, I had to stand- is: Will I be able to stand? in self-honesty here as one, as equal, as Life as all without, anything or anyone Can I stand, without Kieran? through out, process until this is done So it took me awhile (laugh) to get to that point of making sure that I will stand, with or without- needing, wanting or requiring to be in an agreement with- a specific being and that's what agreements entails, so to speak while, in an agreement you must be able to stand so certain within yourself that you do not need require want or desire this being, to be here with you in this agreement you 'each stand alone', one and equal in self-honesty Yet the agreement, is one and equal - self assistance and self support Alright, I'll continue in my next interview, thank you Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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