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0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) Former soviet disident warns for EU dictatorship We had the French say no, we had the Dutch say no, and then we had the Irish say no! You just don´t get it, do you? No means no! Lisabon ends the 200 year old experiment in democracy 499 members of this house voted to ignore the Irish "no" vote and to continue with the Treaty. What kind of a parliament is this? You are now a citizen of the EU superstate The voters of Europe can see the real face of this project. You are bullying, you are threatening, you are anti-democratic, you are a complete shower! European Union ...take the opportunity of wishing the east European cities well in the coming of the very early skiing season and snow and ice that´s come there, what of course is indicative of the fact that, as independent science has now confirmed, that the globe is actually cooling, and has been cooling since 2002, (the temperatures being) broadly flat since 1998. So we are all talking about something here which isn´t happening. I´ve heard time and time again Members here talk of CO2 as a pollutant. A pollutant! It´s a life-giving natural gas. It gives me the impression that some of our Members haven´t had the benefit of a formal education. Isn’t this really just about the state being able to get its hand in ordinary people’s trouser pocket to steal yet more tax from them? Isn’t this all about political control? Isn’t all this about politics and big business? The whole thing´s a sham! This bogus hypothesis, this ridiculous nonsense that man-made CO2 is causing global warming. Enough please, before we damage irrevocably the global economy. ...this week it was discovered that scientists from the University of East Anglia were allegedly manipulating data to try and prove man-made global warming. What a giveaway that was! It is clear now that the scientific consensus on man-made global warming is fast eroding. 30,000 sceptical scientists in the Manhattan Declaration, 600 scientists in the U.S. Senate report, even German scientists this year writing to the Chancellor Angela Merkel. Socialist colleague over there talking about Greenland and you know, the ice melting in Greenland. Well, you know, the question I´d like to ask on this subject is, why is Greenland called Greenland? Is it, perhaps, because Greenland was once green? When the world was hotter? Well, it seem that the British people are onto this because a recent opinion poll in the Times newspaper clearly shows that the British people no longer believe in so-called man-made global warming. The British people are very astute and they´re clear that politicians have hijacked the environmentalist agenda It´s been cynically used to raise taxes, to exert control, and now it´s being used by the European Union to justify your own existence. You spoke about a huge awakening taking place, you spoke about the fact that if we just point out what illegitimate tyrants these people are, that they will fall, and you talk about people thanking you as if you can go out and do it alone. We have the moral high ground, we have law on our side, we have history on our side, the problem is the bureaucracy as all the big banks have the big money they want to set up their own private global corporate government behind them, so speak specifically, to the state of the world from your in-depth position as a key Member of the European Union Parliament from England and tie that into Copenhagen and the open announcements by Al Gore, Gordon Brown, Herman van Rompuy, and all of them openly saying: "This is world government through this environmentalist tyranny". Yeah, I mean, what they do, of course, and it´s a well-established technique they try to use any crisis, whether it´s a real crisis or whether it´s a crisis of their invention they use the crisis to extend the argument for a loss of democracy, a loss of freedom of the individual and the increasing global governance. And I can think of two very good examples of this. The first, of course, is the global war on terror. That, you know, we face a threat from Al Qaeda or whoever else it may be, and because of this, we have to give the state more power over our lives, and a lot of the judicial safeguards that we´ve enjoyed in Britain are now being thrown out of the window in the name of fulfilling the war on terror. And they are being used against non-terrorists. And they are being used, well, of course, I mean, this is what happens, isn´t it. You know, this is what happens. That they...once government, once police forces, once that they have these extra powers, they, of course, then use them in any way that they see fit. And I am afraid that the results of this now, nine years into the war on terror is that our loss of individual freedoms, right across the western world, is simply enormous. It is as if the terrorists have won, because our own politicians have used this as an excuse to get more power. Similarly, the same phenomenon is happening with the global warming. I mean, Al Gore, I mean, you know, God help us! I mean, he is a man, who lost the presidential election, who´s now gone on to make many millions himself. This shouldn´t be forgotten, you know? He´s made many millions himself out of this scaremongering, frankly. Absolute scaremongering, over whether CO2 emissions, as he says, are inexorably leading to temperatures going up. Now, of course, the fact that we know, the temperatures have not gone up, they´ve actually gone down, since 1998 or 2002, but any way you set the bar is irrelevant. So now they´ve changed it changes, climate, any changes are natural Well, that´s right, and, you know, they were hooked on global warming, they say global warming less now because it´s cooling but, you know, any time there´s a hurricane, any time there´s a flood, any time anything happens, we´re told this is because of CO2 emissions. And, we´ve got a situation, where we´re going to be sign up to treaties which means that we can´t change these agreements by how we vote at future elections. Meanwhile, the author of the key UN report on this, Nicholas Stern, urges us to become vegetarian, to stop cows´ farting. Maybe, it is not just certain cows that have gone mad. Climate change denies, sonnst denied that this is the case, and of course, they will raise their voice and deny that anything with meat production will have to do with climate change or climate protection. This is a happy hour on the funny farm, isn´t it? I mean, the fact to the matter is, that you´ve got global warming written in front of you. You know, why was the globe actually warmer a thousand years ago during the medieval warm period in comparison to what it is now. Why was it warmer 2,000 years ago during the Roman warm period when we were producing wine as far north as the Scotland! I mean, come on, the globe hasn´t warmed for the past ten years. It´s a scientific fact. You know, and just to take one thing away with you, Mr. Chairman. At the start you said that people who are climate change skeptics are deniers. Now, I am sorry, you being German and all, I´m sure, you know the connotations that the term denier has and I think you should call them skeptics actually, because we are. As a bit of a protest, we in the UK Independence Party are holding a barbecue out on the Black Lochs, you are all invited, it´s called "all you need is meat" and we´ll be celebrating meat at 12 o´clock today. Enjoy your food and I hope it has no consequences for you. I am deeply concerned wit the WTO talks starting this week. I worry about a drift towards green tariffs justified on the basis of such spurious claims. These new tariffs are just barriers to trade, they punish the poor and have no justification whatsoever. This is just enviro-imperialism. I mean, we´ve just...just to give an example how mad this is. We´ve just seen Britain´s oldest steelworks up at the place called Middlesbrough in the north-east of England. That steelworks announced last week that it´s closing down. In doing so, the parent company, an Indian firm called Tata will be given £ 6,000,000 worth of carbon credits, right? For closing down that. For closing down that plant, and then, what will happen, is all of that production will shift across to India, who of course have no intention of listening to any of this stuff. I mean, in the name, in the name of fighting against carbon emissions, we are actually, literally, exporting jobs from our country to countries like India, which clearly makes no sense at all. The other big response in Europe to this is, we are building tens of thousands of these ludicrous windmills, yeah? Right across Europe. And we´re told, this is wonderful, this will be a wonderful source of renewable energy. Now, I´m not against the concept of renewable energy but I tell you this. In Germany, they built 19,000 wind turbines but not a single... (coal, oil, or gas-fire power station has closed down), because in the depth of winter, when the big anticyclone sits over northern Europe, not a single one of those 19,000 wind turbines moves around and produces any electricity. Even if cutting carbon emissions was vital to the environment, the way we´re going about it is mad, bad and wrong. "No" is a nice word. Why not use it more often? Say NO to carbon taxes and cap and trade.

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Several UKIP MEPs speak out against the sham of 'man-made global warming', carbon taxes and global pillage and impoverishment.
The theory of 'man-made global warming' has been disproven over and over again by science -- study after study. There is absolutely no proof that man-made CO2 heats up the atmosphere. The polar ice caps are at their normal size. No polar bears or penguins are losing their habitats or drowning (in fact, these animals are natural born swimmers....). The world has been cooling since 2001. The recent scandal of CLIMATEGATE was the last nail in the coffin of whatever scientific credibility the theory still had -- since it proved the main authors of the IPCC reports systematically engaged in data fudging and manipulation to prove their nonsensical theory.

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