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♪ music background ♪ There are more than 6 billions of people Worldwide and sometimes we think that Catholicism decreases however the last census of Catholics published in the 2008 Pontifical Yearbook shows that the number of faithful grew 1.4% in 2006 compared to 2005 where there were 1.131 biillion Catholics. But still is not enough and so was born, to give maturity to those already believers and spread the word of God to people even non-captive. is a Catholic portal born in Mexico first of its kind and the number one in Spanish language eight years after its creation has received 50 million of frequent visitors To the site access users from 2,489 cities in 108 countries. Per day comes to record more than 35 thousand netizens. With a high presence in the world taking 40% of Mexican visitors, aims to be the Catholic Yahoo Therefore over these 8 years of life we had to be migrating from platforms to meet the needs of our users. debuts today design, hosting and a renowned supplier of mailing with which daily sends little over 600 thousand emails of its free services. Elsewhere we find only -- - Sometimes a text, a podcast, a picture, but all scattered, no? nothing, nothing concrete In contrast in we can find it all in the same package of information for almost any topic is explained as simpler and more complete. Also we have an e-mail service supported by Tralix which makes it an exceptional page because it is mail service, truly supported by a large company and is completely free. A Catholic must keep abreast of developments in the Church that is why one of its 185 sections is the news section. «"New technologies, new relationships, promote a culture of respect of dialogue and friendship". Is the theme chosen by Pope for the 43rd World Day of Social Communications 2009 whose message was published the 24th of January feast of St. Francis of Sales Patron of Journalists reported by VIS - Vatican Information Service. "» can be characterized as a universal portal, where there are large themes developed for the study, meditation and for reflection that help visitors to clear their doubts of the day. "In the site you will be able to find stories for the children at home, also study skills if you are in high school or university and also movie news simply for the entertainment of your whole family.» We also touched the more contentious issues such as: homosexuality, abortion, gender ideology, addictions always trying to present these everyday things in a way reliable and clear. At the same time providing them with a freshness a modern style and didactic. Apart from offering the videos of the news from Rome the multimedia section also has a wide range of different materials. In this Website "he who seeks finds" has all the tools for a Catholic with universal heart gets closer to His Church to love more and more and attach to all who share one faith and one baptism. The site has documents in formats that can be printed for the doctrine of the Church and his catechesis can enter all households regardless of whether you have Internet access or not. This website provides an orderly and easily reachable everything a Catholic requires to learn about their faith. Independent of their status, either from a bishop to a layman. A page called, which is enormous. Has tremendous content especially spiritual help, has many family issues on education must be given to the children, values. Very nice themes like love, friendship, kindness, often we forget at this time. All these values have helped me grow spiritually as a human being. Today premiere design and technology sections but soon they will speak again. On-line courses? Confirmation? Preparing for Marriage? Courses of catechesis for First Holy Communion on the Internet? He who seeks, found. Translated by:

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Duration: 5 minutes and 33 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Director: Pbro. Pablo Arce
Views: 21,945
Posted by: mdelatorre on Oct 8, 2009

Portal católico nacido en México pionero en su género, con un contenido confiable y claro. Con un estilo fresco, moderno y didáctico. En el que encontrarás noticias, artículos, foros de discusión, cursos de Catequesis y de Teología y Filosofía, una galería de imágenes religiosas, reseñas de cine y un sin fin más de recursos de excelente calidad. En, el que busca encuentra! (If you want to help translating this video contact us at [email protected])

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