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Frapy's summer mission : Chinese and Italian - n°1

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I'm Frapy I'm French I'm 16 years old Even though I've been learning Chinese for 4 years I still don't speak well So I decided to sudy Chinese by myself because I went to China 2 months ago (I went to Xiamen and Beijing) When in China, I used English to make friends because my Chinese was too bad I think that's a pity Moreover To my mind, Chinese is not just a language it's also a culture, a civilization, a people Right now, my aim is to pass HSK4 The dealine is Sptember 1st So I study everyday : I watch an interesting TV serie called "Xingfu zui Qingtian" I read a book I bought when in Beijing called "Xingxing dui Mantian" I use the QQ software to chat with my Chinese friends and I use the Anki software to learn new words I'm so sorry this video must contain a lot of mistakes Bye Hi everyone I'm Frapy, i'm French and I'm 16 years old I like Italian because I think Italian is a very beautiful language and yet easy to learn To me, Italy is very interesting because it's a place full of history So, I want to learn that language and because it's vacations now I have plenty of time to study Everyday, I watch an episode of the American TV serie "Kyle XY" : because I already watched this serie in English before it's easier for me to understand the plot and to grasp new words from the context I use Anki to learn new words Because my mother tongue is French and as French and Italian are very similar I consider that I'm intermediate in Italian so the textbook I use is called "Improve your Italian" My goal is to be fluent in Italian by the end of holidays that is to say, by the end of August I'm so sorry, this video may contain a lot of mistakes

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Posted by: surl on Jul 18, 2011

A first video to show you my current level in Chinese and Italian.

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