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Baby Mama (2008)

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I'm 37, and I want a baby. So I'm pursuing all my options. I met with an adoption attorney, who was very encouraging. And, I recently began the artificial insemination process. So, with a little bit of luck, I could be pregnant right now. I said too much for a first date, didn't I? (narrator) Kate wanted was a baby.... I just don't like your uterus. Your chances of conceiving are very low. (narrator) What she got... Our surrogates fee is $100,000. It costs more to more to have someone born, than to have someone killed! Ir takes longer. (narrator)..was a baby mama. (Carl) When I first thought about Angie carrying someone else's baby, I thought, my wife's gotta have sex with someone else's husband to do this? (Carl) This is gonna cost extra.(Angie) Out of the question. (Carl) It's out of the question. Kate, I want you to put your baby inside me. I want to put my baby inside you! (Oscar) You got you a baby mama? I got two of 'em. No, I'm paying her. (Oscar) You pay da' bills, she have da' baby, that's called a baby mama. (Kate) What kind of food is this for a pregnant woman? What you eat, the baby eats. What you listen to, the baby listens to. If you listen to DMX, the baby comes out going "heaaaa" (Kate) She's crazy! It is like living with a child. [laughs] (Kate) Did you just stick your gum under my coffee table? (unseen woman) You will literally be living with a child soon, you should just get used to it. (Caroline) What is this all over you? Is that chocolate or poop? Is that chocolate or poop? It's chocolate! (Kate) What if that had been poop? (Kate) This thing is very important to me, and I'm a little bit jealous. How can you be jealous of me? (Kate) You get to experience it while I just watch. (narrator) A comedy ... You and I need to go out. (narrator)...about putting all your eggs... [laughter] (delivery guy) You're sure getting an early jump on your baby proofin'. Do not worry about a thing, shouldn't be a probably for anybody over the age of seven. (Kate) Great! Aaa! (narrator) someone else's basket. There's something wrong with your toilet. (Teacher - speech impediment) Your partner can help you pwep fo the gweat stwetch of dewivery. Massage the awea daiwy, to pwevent teawing. (Angie) 'scuse me, can I just spray a little Pam done in that area before the baby comes out? (Kate) You're water is breaking! I have to get her to the hospital! (Angie) Should we clean that up? (Kate) No, no, somebody will get that. [Captions by]

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