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C6L9: Basketball Throw

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This next drill I do with just about every girl student I have ever had. It is emphasize, what girls like to do for some reason they like to lay their wrist back. Like that, see that before they hit when that happens when throw this basketball you won't be able to throw it forward. It will just slip right off the back of your hand or it will go cock eyed off your hand. What this forces my students to do is leave the fingers pointed up and feel this fish like snap at the top of the stroke. It teaches them the lower body really does all the work. See my hips turning there not much and then they come back and while my hips are just about to start turning back towards the throw. I start in this full body coil look at that right arm here come the hips there they are and now right there is the transition point and you get just a little fish tail, like a flap up at the top if you really learn to hold that coil. Its that tension trying to hold that coil and getting that fish tail thwap somehow that is were the real power on the serve comes. Thats were the pop comes, so throwing a basketball because its so large for a little girls hand right they can't really do it wrong they have to keep cupping the ball. Keep their finger tips up in the air some what so they get that like spring loaded lever see right there in the hand its very quick. Its infinitely quick at the top and its because you are trying to hold your coil not to loose the ball. Give that a try here is something else I experimented with the basketball. When you toss it with the left hand, hehe now we are having fun, when you toss it with the left hand it really forces you to push that left hip up. See that, now I am just messing around, that is a very tough thing to do but just practice also with your left hand tossing the ball to yourself and you will see that really helps bring your left side and your left hip up and around. This basketball toss is really great. Having a basketball on the court is one of the best things you can do to explain to your students and not to be sexist but especially the girls who don't throw a lot of baseballs and footballs in their lives. This really explains the throw and how they have to use their body and how they have to keep their hand some what cupped at the top and not just lay the wrist back and slap the serve. So make sure you always have a basketball somewhere near your practice courts.

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Learn to hold the ball in the pocket and pop the serve.

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