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Sanctum (2011)

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[undersea hush] (young male voice) These rocks - these caves... Where else can you shine a light where no human's been? There's no where else left on the planet to explore. (narrator) It is the last unexplored territory in the world. (voice on radio) "Esprit to Masala" the mother of all caves. Trust me. You're going to love this. What could possibly go wrong, diving in caves. [whooping] (narrator) Some come for fame and fortune. You're not going to set any records without me. [whooping] (narrator)...other to chase history... You're old man is the most respected explorer in the world. Because he's got nothing else. He's a good kid, Frank. You need to go easy on him. That's exactly what I don't need to do - this cave will kill you in a heartbeat. (narrator) But one mistake in earth's inner sanctum My god, would you look at that? (narrator)...and no one will ever know... were even here. Listen. [faint rumbling] What the hell was that? [rushing water] Pull the team out now! The storm has turned into a cyclone! Dad, the cave is falling! Do ya' think? He'll find another way out. We're heading back up. I can't do this.I'm not a diver. You can do this, because you have to do this! I don't want to die down here. I gotta get out a here or I might. We follow the river, all the way to the ocean. This way. Are you sure? Nope. Well, I'll see you on the other side Coulda picked a better choice of words. Give me a hand! We will find a way out. We're running out of time. You'll kill all of us. [screaming] (echoed voice) Never give up No matter what happens, you never give up. you never, ever give up. (narrator) Sanctum. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Nov 10, 2010

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