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Through the fire - Uncle Bill Hollingsworth

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I know God is doing something. He's called me aside for a time. I've been sitting down, time out to just wait. Even through the suffering and everything. When I lost two sons... I had five daughters and two sons. I lost the two boys. When the second one went, I sat outside, looked up to the heavens and said "Lord, what is this? What's happening? What's it all about? Why is all this going to happen? "

And the Lord spoke to me and said "You asked me to humble you and bring you to a place of nothingness, that I might be everything to you. And this is a part of it. And it's not just what you want. I always wanted this. When I created man, I wanted to be everything to man. I wanted him to be totally dependent upon me. I would supply all his needs, whatever. I wanted that privilege and that pleasure to be able to do that as a Father to his children. But mankind rejected that. And now to get back to that, sometimes you've got to go through, those who want to, have got to go through some rough periods to go back to the Father."

I said "Okay Lord. Praise the Lord if that's the way it is. Then so be it. You'll have to give us the grace to go with you all the way. But no chance we have any ability or capacity to go through it all. But you were with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the Father in the fire. And you alleviated the problems of the burning and the heat, and that sort of thing Daniel in the lion's den. So, praise the Lord if that's what it is. And so be it."

I believe that's what God's call means, anyway, and to share that with others and to pray for others.

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