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The Vendor Client Relationship

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Hi Is there a problem, sir? Ah, yes—a question about the final total Yes Um, you see — we didn't budget for this Excuse me? This is marked $19.99 Yeah... Well, I've only got $7 set aside for this So what are we going to do today? Well, I’d like the highlights But for now I can only pay for a trim OK, so today we’re only gonna do the trim? No, the highlights, but I can only pay for the trim I mean, lunch at the taco stand was… was what? About $12 Right, right, right, about $12 Sir, we’re not the taco stand No, it was, I had beef, same thing... You had the fillet Yeah… cow OK, lemme make a phone call, see what I can do, maybe I can get you $8.50 Can you do $8.50? I’ll pay for the highlights next time but for now I need you to just go ahead and throw them in So basically you want me to work for free? No, I don’t want you to work for free It’ s just a test, that way I can see if my husband likes it and then we can roll the cost over until the next time I need color... ...if he likes it I went through and line-itemed some of the stuff that we can just remove I’m not making any money on this either you gotta help me out We got a discount bin… I know, I’ve checked the discount bin But I want this one We can do this This is not a challenge this is an opportunity We tried what, three entrees? You ordered three entrees, sir... We ordered, but does “order” mean eating? Yeah, we ate one of them What’s your name? Todd Todd. You gotta work with me That one’s $19.99 Mike, come on, let’s do this It’s Todd, dude Well I can cover your hard costs, but that’s really as far as I’m willing to go I’ll give you $8.50 today I'll come back next Tuesday—we're going to make it up on the next one What do you say? What? Ah, excellent, umm… Well, we’ll go ahead and pay this this time but what we’re gonna need you to do is show us how you made it So we can do it on our own, in-house ...from now on Dude, it was a great dinner... Subtitles: Eclectic Translations

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Posted by: tsdm on Jul 29, 2010

Every relationship has a story. "The Vendor Client Relationship" is a story that connected with more than half a million viewers in less than 14 days. When a story goes viral, it is finding a truth, touching a nerve or making people laugh. That's what we do. It's come as a surprise to many that this very viral video was created in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was. And that's another story.

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