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MyKabbalah Lesson 2 mission 3 Engsmall

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Starting My Correction Hi! In the last mission, we began observing our life as a movie. We began observing challenges, and trying to identify repeating situations. Repetitive patterns. The reason for that is that we want to start drawing a connection between our inner work, and our external challenge. But, when we get so caught up, in those annoying, difficult even painful situations, how frustrating can it be? Right? If you've seen "Groundhog Day," and it's a brilliant movie, I really recommend you to watch this movie, it will drive the point home. How frustrated did Bill feel to be re-living the same movie again, and again, and again? And try as he might to change it, those same people same situations, same challenges kept occurring again and again and again! How did his movie change? When he stopped and said, ok how can I use this situation in order to reveal goodness from that, his life became amazing. He got the girl he wanted, and beautiful ending. How do we start directing our movie? The movie of our life? Towards goodness, towards happiness? We need to understand that the first step, is to stop the reactive, We want to switch from reactive to proactive. But the first thing is, to pause. To say, stop. We might confuse our juggling immediately, jumping into action, putting out the fire, with us taking initiative and being proactive, but really we are reactive to an external situation, because the reason why that situation happened, is in the first place to allow me, either to overcome something, or to share a beautiful gift. And, in order for us to have that space to see that, we need to stop our reactive system. How? Remember the formula we learned in level 1? Pause, what a pleasure? Here. We are going to add this sentence to a formula that we are building now called "The Proactive Formula" which we can apply in every challenge. The formula is like this: First step is 1. Pause, what a pleasure It might be annoying, difficult, but it's a pleasure for my soul. Why? Because it's exactly what my soul needs I might not feel it, it might be hard, it might be annoying but on a soul level it's what I need. So by me pausing, I allow myself then to ask, a step number two: 2. Why is this in my movie? Why do I need this situation? Why am I attracting this challenge? How is this serving me in a bigger picture? And then, I can ask, ok, what is the proactive thing to do in this situation? Let's apply it to a real life example. So, let's say that I'm working on this project that I'm really passionate about, and then, it gets stuck. Either, things are not going at the speed I want, not getting done, my reaction might be to get annoyed, angry, blaming, sad, judging myself or judging others. Pause. Ok, it might be difficult, it might be annoying, but, it's exactly what my soul needs. This situation is serving me, so I say, "Pause, what a pleasure" Acknowledge it. Number two, I ask, ok, why is this in my movie? Why do I need it? What can I learn from it? How is this serving me? When I've created this space, then I can ask, ok, what is the proactive thing I can do in this situation? Maybe now I have some time to call a dear friend. Maybe now I can work on my empathy and connect to my colleagues and maybe develop some more teamwork. Maybe it's my opportunity to relook at the project as a whole and get new ideas, new inspiration, look at it from a different angle. Now, before we get to deeper answers about my tikkun, we want to begin living in a way where we understand that everything happening is exactly what I need. In this mission, we're going to start practicing applying this formula in our lives. Number 1: Pause. What a pleasure! 2. Why is it in my movie? 3. What is the proactive thing I can do right now? In the next Mission, we're going to dig deeper into our lives desire. See you there.

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