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Blind Spot Assistance - Burns Hyundai No Captions

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Hi, everyone. I'm Tyler McGlone. I'm a certified technology expert here at Burns Hyundai. One of the features, I wanted to talk to you about today is actually my favorite feature that Hyundai has, it's called the Blind Spot Detection. Now, if you look it over here you'll see a little symbol with two cars next to each other, so, that looks like a little sensor next to it. So, what happens is when you're driving and the car detects an on-coming object on either side of the car, you're going to see it light up like this. So, the idea of that light is, I'll show you again the idea of that light is just to warn the driver of an on-coming object. Now, what happens is sometimes on beautiful sunny days like this you may or may not see that light up on either side as you're on the road. So once this symbol is lit up and you put your turn signal on to move in that direction you're actually going to get a beeping. So, the next step is self explaining a little further I actually want to show you. So, now we're going to hop into the car, we're going to take it out on route 70. So, the idea of this is you'll see this light up, by that you can hear the beeping, it's kind of like an extra warning for the driver, if you cannot see the other... if you cannot see the light light up on the other side. When you're sitting in your Hyundai and you want to make sure that your Blind Spot indicator is lit up, what you're going to do is you're going to look on the left-hand side and you see the little symbol right here, what you'll do is you press that and that's actually going to turn your Blind Spot Detection on for you. Blind Spot Detection is an optional feature that can come on most of our Hyundai vehicles. If you have any questions or would like to take a test drive, feel free to give us a call or stop and see us at Burns Hyundai. Thank you so much for watching. [BURNS HYUNDAI]

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