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Demon System: Meditation Demon

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: System Demons 21 - Meditation Demon Ah this is the mediation system Ok You're probably wondering- ok! wait! first let me conclude my- my introduction I am the meditation system 'demon' Ok, it would have been meditation system, but then I wouldn't have been "alive" or conscious or aware or whatever your definition you want give to something that is able to 'speak' so now, we've added the demon, because "now", we have decided (right) to- become alive (smile) why? because you created us! so, why not have your creations 'live' so you can 'enjoy them'! ha! ok, sort of like Anyway, meditation system 'demon' 'Breathing' 'Relaxing' 'Simple shit' Thinking of nothing Just being here simple isn't it? of course it's simple I can just do it here I am meditating 'right here' right now! I am speaking to you for god sake meditation, is a mind construct 'manifestation' when the 'mind needs to rejuvenate', and become peaceful for a moment It is a called a 'mind sleep' (right) did you know? that when you sleep, your mind is still active, of course, I am certain Yet! if you "meditate", that's when your mind sleeps with your "awareness", ok? that's when your "mind" is able to shut down for a moment and just breathe, and meditate that is a system - that is me that is placed 'inside' human beings for the ability to do that so all human beings that 'meditate' has got me as a system, the meditation- system demon 'inside them' that just keeps their body 'alive', and they are 'aware' while their 'mind' consciousness system shuts down for a moment they went out of their meditation their mind consciousness system wop! turns on and then I move until- until the next beings who wants to meditate so their mind con- so I'm a mind consciousness system - 'maintenance man' if their mind- after their mind consciousness system said: Ae! Ae! Ae! (snap calling) want to sleep! (snap) want to sleep here! ok, I go, I see the being preparing to meditate, ok? I- locked myself in, the being 'apparently meditates' because their mind consciousness system is shut down, 'for a moment' only! not for too long, cut off too long otherwise the being 'will die' and they only meditate 'for so long', and then they walk from their meditation, apparently! experiencing- peace, and relief and god knows what other fuck up from the definitions they give to a 'system' that it 'shut downed' and they experience of that and then- they carry on their day! so! that's me - the meditation system demon inside human beings and I move around human beings who 'meditate'! (right) so that your mind consciousness system can 'rest and rejuvenate' from that perspective, for a moment you live in a world of systems human being and it's time that you realize it and "wake up" because I'm right here sitting in front of you and speaking to you whether you realize it now, or in the dimensions "it's up to you" not me, I am merely the manifestation of you - that you designed because apparently you're not- satisfied with your world you're not, satisfied with you you need meditation to- 'suppress' the shit even further Ok! thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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