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Interview with Parvana Persiani

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Onnik: Parvana, thanks very much for agreeing to be interviewed by Global Voices Online We're here in the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania for the World Blogging Forum You're about to speak on a panel and you're going to raise the issue of Adnan and Emin Why is it so important for you to raise this issue here at this forum? Parvana: Because this forum is the World Blogging Forum Which means that it brings together bloggers from almost all over the world It's very important that bloggers are aware of the issues, the events around other bloggers of the world It's very important to deliver the message that bloggers are not only people writing funny posts they are not people only doing funny things on the Internet They are information brokers and in some societies these information brokers they might be a threat for some governments they might face some threats and they might get into trouble so it's really important that all bloggers are aware of that and unite to work towards protection of their colleagues Onnik: You're also a member of OL! which is a youth movement in Azerbaijan You're on the Executive Board, I think Parvana: Yeah, I'm on the Board Onnik: And it was co-founded by Adnan Also Emin Milli's AN along with OL! were were very unprecedented in the South Caucasus for using new media and social media tools In the end, however, it got them into trouble How do you reflect on that irony, I guess? Parvana: The thing is that these guys both Emin and Adnan and a lot of people around them who are not arrested yet These guys are using the most innovative tools The most innovative methods which is non-traditional It's not about going to the streets and screaming and shouting about breaking windows It's not about violence It's about tolerance it's about non-violence and their actions are empowered by innovative tools by using social networks, by using the Internet mostly which is almost impossible to control How can you control the Internet? You cannot That is what makes them dangerous for some authorities that they can gather people around themselves by using new, innovative methods Onnik: You said they can't control the Internet but obviously, as we've seen, you can try to control some of the bloggers You arrest them There's now another court hearing in two days time Parvana: It's tomorrow Onnik: It's tomorrow The court case has been delayed and delayed and delayed because witnesses have not turned up etc. What do you think is going to happen tomorrow? How do you see this going? This trial at the moment? Parvana: The thing is that the trial is being delayed every time for several funny reasons and they're charging them for hooliganism but it's almost twice a trial for "hooligans" ... so-called "hooligans" which shows that this trial is all about fiction it's a kind of comedy but at the same time it's very difficult to predict the outcome of this trial because the innocence of Emin and Adnan has been proven by different materials of the investigation the witnesses from the opposite side are always mixing testimonies but witnesses from Emin and Adnan's side, they're giving clear testimony telephone conversations, other materials they are proving their innocence but still it is very, very difficult to predict the outcome of this trial because logic doesn't work here at all When you think logically they are innocent It's obvious Everyone sees it Even the Judge, smiling from time to time during the court but the prediction? It's impossible to predict anything but still we hope for the solidarity of the people protecting them and we do hope for a positive outcome to this trial Onnik: I'm sure the World Blogging Forum participants after your presentation after the questions I'm sure you'll get will probably agree Is there anything you'd like to add? Parvana: Well, as I said, it is very difficult to know what will happen but all I hope, all we hope, the protectors of their rights is the solidarity of our "idea holders" because it's not only about arresting certain people It's about arresting the ideas of people which is moral torture so we shouldn't let our ideas be tortured and to be arrested Onnik: Thank you very, very much for your time Parvana: Thank you

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Posted by: onewmphoto on Nov 15, 2009

Interview with Parvana Persiani, OL! Azerbaijan youth movement Executive Board member, World Blogging Forum, Bucharest, Romania

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