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[1280x720] Video shows angry clashes between crowds and DC police officers

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Everyone has a camera these days. We have cell phone cameras. Police have those body-worn cameras. So there's no shortage of footage from last night's angry confrontation between dozens of police officers and young African American men and women on Sheriff Road in Northeast D.C. Now we've only seen the footage from the cell phones from the people who were confronting police, going toe-to-toe with police. And police not giving an inch. [police officers yelling] That was mace in the officer's hand as he tried to back up that crowd, although from the video it is unclear if he actually sprayed it. We also saw batons and even tasers in the hands of those officers as they tried to keep that crowd in control. [taser crackling, crowd and officers yelling] [Officer]: Y'all can get [unknown], I don't know why you keep sayin' that. If he tells you not to come this way you gotta move back, you gotta move back. Y'all gonna get hella likes tonight, bro. That officer was talking about social media likes, the idea that all those people were just recording those officers trying to incite them to do something so they could post it and go viral. But from what we saw, there was antagonizing kind of on both sides. There were those young people with their camera phones just inches from officers' faces, and a lot of those officers going right back at the crowd. "Don't touch me, bro!" [yelling] [scuffling, yelling] So how did we get here? Well remember that cell phone video we showed you last night. It was taken in the exact same location, and it surfaced over the weekend. It was of a group of young African American men being stopped and frisked by a bunch of D.C. police officers who were looking for weapons, but didn't find any. The neighborhood commissioner in that area, Lorenzo Green, called those searches completely unconstitutional. And he wrote a letter to D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham demanding an investigation. I spoke with Green at the scene of this latest incident, and he was pointing the finger squarely at D.C.'s police chief. Green: "All these commanders that think they're doing true community policing, they need to go. Newsham needs to go." This is not how you respond to a community that's crying out for help. 'Cause that's what that video was about. It was about folks crying out for help." We've been telling the stories of those folks for about a year now. Our ongoing series, "D.C. Police Stop and Frisk" uncovered 8 out of 10 people stopped and frisked by D.C. police are Black, And that the police department had not followed a 2-year-old law called the NEAR Act that required it to better track stop and frisk data to protect against racial bias. Green: "Newsham is not collecting all the data that he's required to collect from the NEAR Act because he don't want them to see the truth. He don't want to see what's happening with these stops." Now obviously police have a very difficult job to do and every time we report one of these stories we ask them for an interview, we did that in this case, and they turned us down. But out in the chaos last night I spoke with April Goggans of Black Lives Matter and she told me the way she sees police patrolling her neighborhood is not making anything any safer. Goggans: "All of those things over time erode the dignity of human beings. It doesn't matter what situation.You do that for so long, and when you tell your elected officials and they do nothing, what are you supposed to do?" And that's why all this matters so much. It's the everyday people who feel like they are out on the street being stopped and even frisked by police, for no other reason other than the fact that they are Black. But there are police officers who are looking for solutions as well. Late, after everything had calmed down, one of the last things I saw was the last police officer out there, the one actually assigned to that neighborhood, talking with some of the people who were actually on the front lines of all the pushing and shoving with police. Officer: "What I stand behind is if anyone who is interested in giving their names to make an official complaint..." In fact that ANC commissioner, Lorenzo Green, the one who's been out there fighting for all the people in his neighborhood, he got emotional just talking about what's next. Green: "I'm saddened by this. I'm sad. This is the response? This is the response for folks speaking out for our people? This is the response? But I'm not afraid of them. They're not afraid of them. And we gonna stand vigilant and we gonna push back hard and we gonna keep talking [...] we gonna keep talking, we gonna keep posting those videos and we gonna keep revealing the truth to our people and hope they wake up and realize that when your people speak, you need to listen to them.

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[1280x720] Video shows angry clashes between crowds and DC police officers

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