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Member of European Parliament discusses Liberland in Czech TV

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We have this news in Europe currently. A country, which is not yet in Eurozone. You probably know what I am talking about. Vít Jedlička, a member of Free Citizens Party (the Czech Republic) declared foundation of Free Republic of Liberland. Could you please explain to me what that means? To clarify that, it is a country between Serbia and Croatia, on a land that had been claimed by no one. Well, I am a fan of Vít Jedlička in this matter. I think he managed to do an amazing thing. He discovered that there is one small piece of land between Croatia and Serbia which is not claimed by either of the countries. And no new country had been created in a long time. Last time colonies were established during exploration of America. So it is quite unique. I don’t know how the closest neighbours will react, Serbia over the river or Croatia, which does not consider it their territory. But perhaps Vít Jedlička will succeed, first settlers will come and if the country is based on principles of freedom, it will be amazing thing. And if it doesn’t succeed, we will at least see a great model or an idea on which a country can be based. Guest: A country with low taxes… Host: And is it only a question of idea or…? you said that people will settle there. But the state must have some functional parameters, administration etc.... Is this really being implemented, or is it a little bit of a joke? Isn’t the president himself quite surprised by the number of applicants? By the way, do you know whoever is applying? I don’t know. It is probably all via Internet, Facebook. So even Vít Jedlička has probably not been able to sum it up yet. But it is clear that people are enthusiastic about the idea. Although for some it is utopia, someone else is taking it really seriously. Host: I looked at the Facebook pages and there are many people from all around the world including Arab world, third world countries. Doesn’t it mean that Free Citizens Party attracts these people to Europe? Well, the area is so small that these million applicants probably won’t fit in. But the first states were also constituted by settlers first, at first they were also without border protection, without police, basic administration. This is all created gradually. And will you personally participate in some way? If it succeeds, I look forward to perhaps visit them officially as Prime Minister or Minister of Finance. I will greet them and support free trade with any newly founded country in Europe. So, Petr Mach asking for Liberland citizenship, can this also happen? I have accepted responsibility to lead Free Citizens Party in the Czech Republic Host: There is no conflict in that, is there? And I wish we had such a “Liberland” made from the Czech Republic one day. A country without unnecessary regulations, subsidies, without mandatory euro, with low taxes. So this is what I wish for the Czech Republic. So that we won’t be forced to leave for somewhere else, e.g. Liberland. This was MEP, Petr Mach, guest of today’s interview. Thank you and goodbye. Thanks and goodbye.

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Member of European Parliament discusses Liberland in Czech TV

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