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NANO Class 8 : Rav on the Strock {Edited}

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And I knew that when the time comes, and I'll be ready And the creator will be ready Because when the student is ready, the Creator will appear, the teacher will appear... and there it was all... the whole stage was all set for what was going to take place for what was going to take off and from that moment on, boy did we take off September 2, 2004, Las Vegas When the Rav... when the first time they told me that he had had a stroke the first day, everybody including myself said well that's ridiculous, he couldn't have a stroke Friday night, September 3, 2004 The most powerful, and yet painful moment, was Friday night which ten of us, with Yehuda and Michael, with Karen, being in Kabbalat Shabbat singing, and one, and feeling the enormous love, and praying for the Rav in unity that I never felt ever, we were totally one nobody was in himself... one with the Rav, one with the spirit of the Rav but all of us in that moment broke down crying crying... and it was a moment of really realizing what the Rav is for all of us that was a very very powerful moment, nobody could hold himself That Shabbat as well, was one of the most happiest Shabbats ever because, Yehuda decided already Friday that the Rav is going to do the Kiddush for the third meal even though the Rav was in a total coma the Rav was not in a state anybody could tell us what's going to be He decided he will awake, and all of us decided the Rav is going to do the Kiddush, the blessing of the wine, Saturday afternoon That was Friday night... When I was in a coma Did I know where I was? I could see I was in another dimension I could see I was in another place and it felt good! It felt so wonderful I don't think the soul really decides on whether it will come back, or whether it won't come back it never wants to be here in this chaotic environment when it can have "gan eden" (the garden of eden) all day and all night forever! why would it want to return here? to face up to more aggravation, more problems what could be easier than sitting in "gan eden" with Moshe, with God, and studying Torah? for me? the ultimate!... the ultimate such a pleasure, such a "ta'anug" And he walks in, and he takes one look at the Rav And he grabs the foot of the Rav and he says "Rav!" And the Rav opens his eyes and said Karen That was the moment that we were all crying, this time from joy crying from joy... it was the happiest moment we had it was the biggest miracle we could see defies everything, what the doctors said, what... anything will happen and not just this, five minutes later, the Rav did the Kiddush the Rav was holding the wine the Rav could say the Kiddush, it was the most joyful moment... from then on, we all...that certainty that we wanted to have increased, and we knew, it's all a test we knew it's all about us, we knew that the Rav, he's doing something on such a huge, bigger level, beyond himself beyond our regular 1% process frame and the hospital didn't know what to do with me, because, I was not talking like an average human being I was happy, they couldn't understand how I could I be so happy with such a serious condition, and they labeled it: Very serious In their estimation, it was very serious and I said "I'm sorry gentlemen... this is going to be your one case that you will, that it will be taken out of the annals of incurable, and it will become curable and I will be your first guinea-pig I will be the first proof that NOTHING is incurable! Nothing cannot be altered and the recovery to them was remarkable! and they didn't know... and they asked me what do you attribute your recovery to? and I said, very simple, the Zohar Kabbalah...Kabbalah gives you the answers on how to turn around things that are dreadful, that are awful that are disgusting, that are painful and turn them into one package of happiness what I learned from the process was sometimes that there are more important things than what you think at that moment is so important and try to look for the bigger picture rather than the individual, particular picture because every particular part every detail, is only part of the bigger picture but it's not the total picture that for me was the lesson that I remember to this day I was hoping I wouldn't have to go through that pain and suffering I tried to avoid it... and it should be avoided and it can be avoided [off-screen: so why did you have to go through it?] well someone had to go ahead and get the job done so I was prepared to accept that... that call, that challenge I did accept it I do accept the challenge The security shield doesn't let that energy called "chaos"of whatever from entering into my domain I'm... I'm protected That's all wrong, there is no chaos I did "seder" last pesach, so what's this all about? A game between me and home, between me and Satan? or is it a test... a test to see how am I going to overcome this test? will I break down and say "God help me! Get me out of this!" or am I going to say, "I'm going to get myself out of this..." that was the first thought that came to me I'm not saying everyone can think like that you've got to be pretty strong I just... I don't mean to say that I'm strong, but I'm strong in that belief... I'm strong in that belief that the only one who can create miracles, is we ourselves.

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Rav on the Strock {Edited}

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