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After it was decided that I was to be given away, my grandmother decided to say one last goodbye to me. She went and peeked through the fence, where she saw me peacefully picking flowers and then she saw me run towards a yellow flower I picked up the flower and was then hit for ruining the flowers at this moment she decided to take me with her and leave My grandmother understood those people had no love for me. ... And they won't have any love for me. My grandmother said I am taking her where I go and we left But do you know what happened when the nazi's took over my hometown of yesentuki (We had so many sanitariums) . On the very first day the nazis came they declared all sick soldiers enemy combatants... All the sanitoriums were filled with sick and injured soldiers, And when the nazis came they massacred all of them. They brought large vans filled with deadly gas ... (tries to find word) Then a "patriotic hour" was declared This consisted of Leaflets being distributed everywhere These leaflets said that: "to those that help the jew you will be killed first, even before the jew" Then a list went around of every jew in the town. Not just any list but a list segregating jews by age and sex. And another list separating famous jews and and another list for famous jewish children. This list was finally given to the Nazi's and very efficiently they were all killed I was in that list. Under the young girls section They thought I was gonna stay there no injured soldiers survived and no jews survived even though the nazi's were there for less than half a year

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Posted by: danz on Nov 28, 2017

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