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Speaker Eboo Patel

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[Applause] Eboo Patel. Executive Director, Interfaith Youth Core. Salama lakem. My name is Eboo Patel. I'm an American Muslim. I lead an organization called the Interfaith Youth Core. I want to tell you the story of my friend Etreese. A couple years ago Etreese got an opportunity to go to the Middle East and a few days before he left he got cold feet. He told me that he was scared to go. I said, "Etrees, what do you know about the Middle East that makes you afraid about going?" And he told me, "Well I keep on seeing all these images of violence on the video screen, all these video images of violence and I don't want to end up like one of those people in the video." I said, "Etreese that's crazy. You can't stereotype an entire region based on a handful of video clips you've seen. Go to the Middle East, it will change your life" Etreese went, and it did. He loved the culture, he loved the people. He had a couple of curious encounters that he told me about when he got back. There were times when people said to him, "Hey man are you in a gang?" Or, "Hey Etreese, do you pack a gun wherever you go in Chicago?" Etreese was like, "Why would you think that? What makes you think I'm in a gang or that I pack a gun?" And they said, "Well, you know, we keep on seeing all these images of black people in gangs and doing violent things." And something clicked for Etreese that these images aren't just pictures on the screen. What we see, they're the pictures that we have of people on the other side of the world. People that we're never going to meet in real life. Etreese decided that he's going to do something about the images that only sow distrust or only sow fear or violence because that doesn't have to be the case. So Etreese organized an exchange with the organization that I lead the Interfaith Youth Core. He brought a group of young people from Jordan together with a group of young people from Chicago and had them do common projects had them build understanding. And he made a series of short films on that exchange of these young people telling each other their stories sharing food, sharing laughter, talking about their families. Hearing Etreese tell me this reminded me of a line from one of my favorite poets, William Stafford. He said, "If you don't come to know the kind of person I am and I don't come to know the kind of person you are then a pattern others made may prevail in this world." Well, it's time for the pattern of pluralism to prevail over the patten of fear. Take different action, tell different stories [Applause]

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