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Social Emotional Learning: Not Just for Kids

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It's filled with sentiments such as "If only she knew me she'd know that I have to get up and get my baby sister ready for school every morning and that's why I was late. Maybe she wouldn't yell at me." Or, "If only she knew me she'd know that my mom works two jobs including a night shift so that's why my agenda is never signed, maybe she'd just let it go" Or, "If only she know that there's not much to eat at home so that's why I want two breakfasts, so I'll have something to eat later, she might let me." It was a simple but powerful exercise. At the end of the reading, the room was silent, heavy with contemplation. Then, one of our assistant principals asked if anyone in the room would like to share their own "If only she knew me?" No one moved. No one spoke for several moments. The walls were breathing heavily while people were grappling with this question. But then, slowly, the floodgates opened when one brave teacher spoke up about her relentless battle with depression and the challenges she faces every single day. And just like that, people shared. People shared about their own mental illness as well as that of family members. They talked about drug and alcohol addiction in their families. Some spoke of their own personal trauma, abuse, or neglect. And people spoke about their loved ones dying in their arms after battling cancer. The most powerful moment for me came when I shared that one of my sisters is an alcoholic. She has a child she has never been able to take care of properly

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Posted by: laurencantell on Sep 9, 2018

Did you ever attend a staff meeting that immediately changed your thinking about one of your passions? Wendy Turner, the 2017 Delaware Teacher of the year, did just that. Come hear how some of her everyday experiences transformed her thinking around social-emotional learning.

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