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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~08:41:20 - 08:56:00

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Where is it? He comes here. Look (on y va... Attention...) Oh my good... look how big that one is that has come here... You managed to drive the monkeys away. The monkeys couldn't stand the water you poured on them That too after they came towards the pump.. Stay another 10 minutes mama... another 10 minutes. When mama? Which month do I have time? Many plastics, bottles in the river. Sadu, living here. See there, the building is there. - Which one? - There, there. Opposite or next to the river, on the right side. There was built big big pillars to make a bridge and when the UNESCO government came, so because of UNESCO government the height was around eleven buildings or something like that, they made a walking bridge, not like by car so from the archaelogical department of the UNESCO government because of that they don’t want to build bridge but they built bridge and they made lot of money to make fulrum also this style again. You see this stone? Looks like an elephant slipping inside the river, like lying down. The trunk is this side and the back, body. – They wash Lakshmi sometimes. – Yes, Lakshmi, eighteen years old. And it’s written here, swimming is dangerous. –Yeah It’s very deep here, front of the Rama temple. It’s very deep, the river. And in August the river will be until there. You can’t walk here, it will be fast forcing the river. Fishing people, they live there. Fishing people, there. From different village they come and take fishing here. They sell fish and they leave. Today's saturday no, monkey guard there so that's why many people have come. It's good to walk early morning, so you feel so good. - Full fresh. - Refreshed. Also French people. - There? - Yeah, there. - You know them? - Yeah. Here is the carving shop; the stone shop. They make carvings. And some are stones. Small small sheep. They're sweet? - But not very big ones, it's small flower. Yeah, inside. Tasting good. One banana tree comes for six years. First they put one, then they cut off one and again growing the next one. Like this, next one is growing. So six years one banana tree. - Six months? No, six years. And every six months, they cut one tree. From one tree, they get for six years, because they put one, and they get a lot of things. These are ladies, they came to work. The office is down there, archaelogical office. You see this, this temple with mantapa? This was school last year. Now the school removed and they, archaeological department, they made it temple. Because in the temple there can be school. Black faced monkies are here. - Yeah, they're right here. - Many in the top. They're a bit dangerous sometimes. - I think red one is more dangerous than others. - Yeah. This one is bigger but is very.. - Intelligent. Too much powerful this one. But red one has more power. Because they know how to and they understand humans. - Yeah. Now shops with clothes and houses. This all, the market it was you can see there. And there also. There now, in olden days they used to sell gold, rubies, diamonds. Now they sell clothes and coconuts, vegetables and some stones, statues. Like this kind of things. Soonest will be this house to be removed, from here to another. They are trying to from UNESCO government. They are trying to remove. But it's a bit difficult to remove. - There are many families here. Yeah, many families, poor families, living here. So, they are planning to build the first house for them and after, to live. And some people have restaurant like this, with their business. Crazy driving! Today is saturday, shanthi day. Just came from Monkey guard and driving crazily! - In the village, you must go slow? When in village, children you see. The children they will be crossing roads. This guy is waiting. He's rikshaw driver waiting for his customer. Looks like Russian people. Dont know. Probably. - There is no shop? Very nice! Yeah. Looks beautiful! Olden days, the market has no doors. Natural. If they steal anything, the punishment was Arabic inflict. Chopping the hands or heads, like this. This was the punishment in olden days but now, there is no gold everything. In 1565, after the war all the gold and diamonds were stolen from the Muslim kings. Now even if you want to find one of the gold coins, it's very difficult. When you make excavations, sometimes you can find. - No museum, nothing? - Museum is here. We're going to the museum also. - Yeah but inside possible to see coins? Yeah. inside possible. There is gold coin and carp coin. And they found some old plates as well and some old books.

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Duration: 14 minutes and 39 seconds
Country: India
Language: English
Producer: Srikumar Venkatraman
Director: Rahul V. Chittella
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Posted by: globallivesindia on May 30, 2009

Muttu & Satya walk back to the Hampi Bazaar Street. They also pass the banks of the river Tungabhadra.

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