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Jacque Fresco from Project Venus 20/01/2010 pt5

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In the future, getting rid of the monetary system... one of the basic problems. If you don't want crime... ...if people have access to the necessities of life, they don't steal. Nobody is gonna hit you on the head and take your wallet if they have access to food, clothing, housing, ¿?. It costs 50,000 dollars to keep a young kid in jail a year, doesn't come out any better. 75,000 for adult, all the police departments... the way, 90% of the police are gonna get angry at me, they are basically corrupt. Because they should be interested in problem solving, not giving people tickets. In other words, let me give you an idea. in the future, instead of having instruments in a car, the instruments solve the problem of pumping air in your tire when it's low. When you have a policeman say: "Pull over! Where did you learn to drive?" This is an arrogant person, because people sometimes... the boss says: "If you're late for work you can forget coming in!" Sometimes the person is late for work, so he does speed. He speeds because he doesn't wanna lose his job. And then he's given a fine, some poor guy that earns minimum wage, you fine that guy, you make life real tough on him. "Well God damn it, he gotta drive safely!" Driving safely means that we must do away with automobiles, and put in a built-in transportation system in the city, that takes you any place you wanna go, either you dial the art centre, music centre, whatever you're interested in, it'll take you there within 5 minutes. I got the idea form Radio City, the Empire State Building. It takes a million people up and down every year, one million, and they never crash. The elevators don't hit each other, they don't explode, you don't kill people. Even if you cut the cable that supported the elevator, their breaks go on the side. That's what I mean by technical solutions. But if you took the elevators of the Empire State, and turned them out into the city, that would be a transportation system. So, you have a question, yes? - So, what is a technical solution for the drive for what human being to conquer or subjugate another? - We don't. - See, because we have these morals that... - I understand, I understand your question. Ok, really it was put to be a different way, it said: "How are we gonna get all these different nations, that are different, they have different concepts of God, different concepts of morality?" "How are we gonna reach them?" So I said to myself: "Hey Jacque, you gotta reach people, otherwise it's not going to work" So, I joined the Ku Klux Klan at Miami, and I dissolved it in a month and a half. Then I joined the White Citizens Council, dissolved it in one month, alone. Then I asked some questions in New York, I said: "What are some of the most backward people?" I don't mean to attack anybody, but they pointed out some little Arab community that still believe the Earth was flat. So I approached the guy in charge, his name was Elbas, and I told him that I believed the Earth was round. He went: "¿?", that means it can't be. So he held his hand up symbolising a sphere, and he said: "If the Earth is round, men 'fallme' down, from the side of the side of the world, all the water fall off" And I was thinking: "Gee, this guy is using the best tools he has to think about it" So I said: "Gee, if I can't get to that guy, I can't change the world" So I put a balloon in his hand and I rubbed it with fur very fast, and I put some corn flakes in his hand, and told him to hold his hand about 6 inches away from the rubbed balloon, and all the corn flakes jumped up to the balloon, because I charged statically, can you understand that? And his jaw hit the pavement. And he said to me: "World 'e' magnet?". I said "Yeah". And he said: "Ohh!", he pointed to his head, meaning

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Posted by: exponentecero on Feb 10, 2010

Jacque Fresco from Project Venus 20/01/2010 pt5

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