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Même les dates

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Even dates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We fast with dry dates - In sugar - In sugar In Assuan, we eat this kind of dates all along the year In Cairo, they eat them only during Chaaban and Ramadan months Whereas we, farmers we eat a lot of dates Dates are an essential part of our diet . There is a tradition in Egypt which names the dates according to the important people of the year. - Yes, some people will tell you about the Hos..., hum, the Leila Elwi dates But all this is nonsense - nonsense ! It's just something commercial It aims at selling I only like the dates' real names for instance, Some people will tell you about this or that date of Ben Laden's date or whatever It's just for selling . dates have specific names Names from regions of Sudan . One year, the best date was Leila Elwi's They name their dates after actors, or football players the Bush date was the cheapest the revolution dates are the best because they initiated the Martyrs [Revolution dates, 34 / Kg] there are first of all the Revolution dates, and then the martyrs' [Revolution agreement's dates, 28 / Kg] and then January 25th' dates, then the Revolution agreement's dates [Field Marshal's dates, 24 / Kg], and then the field Marshal's Today which kind is the cheapest ? - Hosni Mubarak ! [The people wants the fall of the regime] [the people wants the fall of the regime] [We shall continue] [We shall continue] [I'm free] [I'm free] . . . . . . . [A film by Karim Sayad, Editing by Félix Sandri. Thanks to : Yasser, Ahmed, Khalti Noha, Julien, teta, Louma, Laila, Manal, Hag Ramadan, Gwendal. Music by Nasser Shamma - Cairo, 2011] .

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Cairo - First post Mubarak ramadan holy month. When revolution meets tradition

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