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Rights of Mother Earth - Maasai's Response

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Response from the Maasai of Kenya Rights of our Mother Earth song sung traditionally by warriors praising famous earth sites This river is called Esukuta It has springs it use to have big springs on its catchment but because of the encroachment the spring blocked and the level of water went down the community nearby depends of this water their livestocks also depend on this water the earth has a right of such rivers and springs liker these ones This mountain is the home of many animals it has the forest on top of it The mountain has the right of that forest the forest is the home of many animals this log was not like this but was cut for charcoal burning this is saddening because Mother Earth and God the earth has the right to stay as it was created by God because he had purpose of creating it beautiful right now it's raining here because these trees are attracting rain and the grass grows well for the animals mother earth is happy of these trees and the grass when we don't cut down trees, we will never lack water and our livestocks will never perish of droughts this is a lot of water that was consumed by the community water polution brings water diseases you see how poluted it is people throw plastic paper here and leave water poluted all sorts of dirt has been thrown here the environment is supposed to be clean all the surrounding litter should be well disposed and the ones to be burned should be burned the ones to be burried should be burried so the environment has the right of being clean There is a reason for not cutting down the trees the first thing, the leaves of a tree like this one I am holding can be boiled and be taken as a medicine the sick and the lactating mother do take this the herbal medicines are more effective than the modern medicine when a mother gives birth and gets sick these leaves are boiled and given to her the earth has a right of green scenery for it to be happy our livestocks would be happy when the grass are ever green when the grass is green, it will be pleasant to the eyes of human beings and also the animals will love it a green anvironment brings fresh air the earth is happy during green season our livestock also becomes happy during dry season we have no water the mountains saves our livestocks in dry season the earth has a right of trees for it to be happy the earth has a right of green scenery for everything to be happy leaves like these ones is the food to all domestic and wild animals. A thick bush provides shade and holds water springs such a bush attracts rains a thick bush protects the grass from being burned by the sun and the earth will be ever green Thank you very much

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Posted by: insight on Mar 18, 2011

Film from the Maasai.

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