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ST100 Samsung Digital Camera Unboxing

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Hi! I'm Hanna I'm here to unbox the new ST100 Samsung digital camera I noticed a few people were curious to buy this product so I've decided to create this video. Let's get started This is a fancy camera with jewel LCD. And that is one of the main reasons I like it so much Lets unbox this and see what's inside. Here we have a handy accesories package And inside is a user manual CD a quick start manual a guarantee certificate a lens cleaner and a camara strap There must be something underneath this cover And there it is. Here we have an AC adapter a USB cable and a rechargable battery too All right, this is actually amazing. as you can see, it has a black shiny surface with an LCD screen that is practically unnoticeable, which is pretty cool I think my favorite part of the design is its seamlessness All right, let's start with the lens This is a slim Schneider Inner Lens and it has 14.2 mega pixels and five times optical zoom for higher quality pictures It's small inside but I hear it takes amazing photos. All right, let's take a look at the back screen At the back is a touch LCD screen, which is great because it reduces the number of buttons The screen is 3.5 in wide and contains 1152 pixels resolution for clear view This is my favorite part of this camera if you look right here there's a 1.8 in font LCD screen that is invisible under the black shiny surface However, shows up right away if you tap the front of the camera or if you press the front LCD screen button at the top of the camera If you take a loot at the top view of the camera we can see the front LCD button, the power button the shutter button This switch over here controls the zoom in and out, and this play button allows you to see your photos and videos If we take a look at the bottom of the camera we can see the attachment for the tripod the USB cable, a quick release which has the battery as well as the micro SD memory chip and on the side, the place for the camera strap The ST100 also has smart auto 2.0 which offres various modes for the convenience of users With this front LCD screen we have children mode, jump shot mode visual queues and self portraits And these all seem very practical Overall, the ST100 seems interesting, stylish and functional I think I'm gonna go ahead and start taking pictures with this right now You've been watching the ST100 unboxing by Hanna. Thank you so much

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Duration: 2 minutes and 58 seconds
Country: South Korea
Language: English
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Posted by: tayotayo on Oct 28, 2010

14.2 Mega Pixels, 5x Optical zoom Schneider Inner Lens
Front LCD : 1.8"
Back LCD : 3.5" Touch LCD with Smart Gesture UI
(Front LCD)
Self Portrait
Smile Detection
Children Mode
Couple Shot
Self Timer
Jump Shot
(Smart Auto 2.0)
17 still modes, 4 movie modes
(Touch LCD)
3.5" Wide Touch LCD
1,152K Pixels resolution
(Smart Technology)
Smart Face Recognition
Smart Filter
(HD Movie)
720p HD quality at 30 frames/sec
H.264 format

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