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Why Hell on earth and how long will it last?

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Hi this is Jack why is there hell on earth and how long will it last? hell is here on earth as a physical manifested experience to reveal the hell existence within and as self which human beings have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become to accept and allowed participation and as the mind hell on earth will compound, will intensify until, human beings actually start seeing and realizing that each one is directly responsible for what exist within this world and how it exist this includes everything and all that is actually manifested and experienced within and as this world as reality and as I've explained within the previous video interview that this physical manifested- reality world and experiences of all and everything within and as it, that is here is a true-reflection of the true self it's the truth- of self as what self has accepted and allowed be and become and participate within within and as self so there is hell on earth and it will continue and it will intensify until human beings, start taking self-responsibility and stop! stop participation, within the mind stop existing through the mind that has created this creation as this world and, all and every manifested physical experience existence within and as it each one is directly responsible how long will it last? this is dependent on each one, stopping and standing up within and as themselves and standing one and equal as Life as self as all as one as equal the suffering the pain will not end, will not stop unless I! stop because it is self that is- constant and continuously participation in the mind generating the mind within and as self that is generating this world as self to be how and what it is as the hell, that we have created if you want this to stop, stop within yourself stop participation in the mind as thoughts feelings and emotions start living as self in self-honesty here in every moment of breathe stand one and equal, with and as Life as self be self, live self only a system, is a creator that creates a creation we have been creators through accepting and allowing ourselves, to exist within and as the mind it is the mind consciousness system within and as which we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist that we have created this 'creation' and it's interesting that beings see and believe themselves to be- the creator that is apparently something more than or greater than or, of power and magnificent really? you've been the creator all along that has created this creation within and as which we are existing this, that is here within and as this reality this world that is physically manifested as an experience this is your creation! creator that you've created this that has become of this world this reality within and as we exist and experience ourselves this is an example of what a creator creates this is the example of a creation that a creator create you create through accept and allow participation within and as the mind that manifest- what exist within and as this reality this world, as how it's been experienced at this moment here now common- sense it is to not create, it is to not be a creator it is to not existed, within as a creation everything is separation the creator creating a creation it's linear space time continuum- continuum cycles it's separation I suggest to removing the entire construct of creator creation, and created within and as yourself not defined yourself by being a creator- creation and created why? because it has been that construct- that construct of creator create creator creating creation that has manifested this reality this world as how it is in this very moment here now it is to be self, here in self-expression as Life as all as one as equal here this is not a linear space time movement of creator creating creation therefore hell is on earth to reveal and show, for human beings to wake up and realize what you have done and accepted and allowed yourself to be and become within and as yourself so stop and stand up that is when and how long it will last until human beings start waking up and realizing that you have to take responsibility and stop within yourself this reality will continue as is will become worse, more intense more extreme in every and all we got of what exist at this very moment war starvation famine abuse rape murder violence until we stop participating- within and as the illusion of who and what you are as creation- creating and created and start realizing that you're not defined- by being a creator, creating a creation yourself as Life as all as one as equal here I here thank you very much, this is Jack CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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