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EU just like the Soviet Union

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Godfrey Bloom, UKIP; Brussels -- 05 May 2010 Did you call me? Sorry, I didn't hear you. Debate: Council and Commission statements - Europe 2020 - new European strategy for Jobs and Growth Thank you. I'm sorry that I didn't hear you. And it's a shame Mr Barroso's fled the chambre, I feel he would have learned so much from me this evening. I counsel yout not to worry too much about the EU in 2020 because I rather fancy it won't be here. It will go the same way as the Soviet Union which it so resembles. And for the same reasons. It's centralised, it's corrupt, it's undemocratic, and it's incompetent. It's driven by an unholy alliance of big business and fat cat bureaucrats. It's sponsored by an eco-fascist agenda from a platform of perverted junk science referred to as "climate change". Whenever people of Europe get a chance of a referendum they reject it. The British, of course, have not been given the chance to have their say thanks to the deceit of the only three parties with access to television debates in my country. Aided and embedded by an EU corrupted public service broadcasting known as the BBC. The EU is already crumbling. The scenes in Greece today will spread through other mediterranean countries sooner than we can imagine. And they will eventually reach northern European countries who have been left to pick up the tab. Our children and our grandchildren will curse us. As they are left to pick up the pieces of this wholly avoidable shambles.,,

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Posted by: mmister on May 6, 2010

UK Independence Party MEP makes a few gloomy predictions for the European Union future

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