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Masters of KAB. Class #5 : Rav on Pain, Kabbalah, Gmar HaTikun,

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(Audience question) Can you relate to his life period? Briefly... when we come back because of a prior lifetime. We didn't do the restriction at all, lets say. So you know how much light was cut out from us because of the Tzimtzum Aleph Now we come back again, to connect with our light. The way we connect with our light is by restriction. So every time we restrict, some part of that [hebrew] comes in, but always in that process, 1/10 of it is left out. Now, I start of with a 100 per cent I restrict it, 90 per cent came in, now 1/10 didn't come in. Now that 1/10 represents a value. Now I go through the process again of restriction. Now one tenth is going to remain outside and the rest comes in. This is what the process of a lifetime means. In other words, we're not here to suffer, we're here, on the contrary, for kabbalah. We're here to draw in this energy that once was refused at tzimtzum aleph, because of bread of shame, and by restriction, we can remove bread of shame. So it's a process by which I do begin to receieve. Not the opposite. So where there is suffering, it's a cleansing. It's a burning out. It's a burning out The tzadik understands the suffering, he is happy with it, because that's his form of restriction. In other words, at the point that he is suffering, why is he suffering? What is suffering? Where the light didn't enter. there's a lack of light, lack of energy. So he's suffering. At that moment he says: "Ahh, what a pleasure!" Because once I did not restrict, right? and now he's restricting. In that case of a prior lifetime he now says: "Ahh, wonderful!" By saying, wonderful, he is in effect restricting, So now he renews the generating, now the energy begins again to flow. (Audience)It's really gift in a way. (Rav) What's that? (Audience) If you know what it is, it's a gift. Who says? You know when they've brainwashed us into removing the pain. Now you don't know what's wrong. So you come to the doctor, what is the first question that he asks you? Where does it hurt you? Now if you've been taking painkillers, what are you going to tell him? Go find out what's wrong. Of course, pain is a blessing, there's no question about it. If a person couldn't feel pain, let's say his pain nerves have gone, let him touch a stove, he'll leave his finger on that electric burner, is that right? I'm saying, the flame is gone, you've closed it, you can't tell if it's hot or not. The only way you could tell is when your hand, your finger gets close to it. If he hasn't got a sense of pain, what would happen? He'd leave the finger there, burned to crisps. It's always the case. Not I'm citing several cases of its advantage. Always, pain is a wonderful thing! Pain is only an indicator, at that moment, of your prior lifetime. Sometimes you want to know what happened before. When you have pain in a certain condition, you know, that's where you failed, at that particular time, in a prior lifetime. Pain can tell you so many things. Not only can it tell you where it's hurting, but why it's hurting. The first thing we're told is get the painkiller. People who suffer with.. A certain rabbi... he wasn't into kabbalah, he had cancer, at the end, there is only one thing you can do, you keep giving him painkillers. Every time he wanted a painkiller, but what happens ultimately? The body becomes immune and so, there's no end. It will ultimately kill him. If the cancer doesn't kill him, the painkiller will kill him. The painkiller... That's why they say painkiller. Killer is never right. So, some like to use the word suppressant. What Kabbalah is all about? So we call it [hebrew] because in effect the desire to receieve becomes purified. We learned that... What is the... not the result, but what is the liability of this wearing down? That we lose our desire. Remember that! I want to repeat that as often as I can. I want you to remember what kabbalah is all about. Kabbalah is not to make you into a tzadik Kabbalah is not to achieve Ruach hakodesh and how to learn how you can do with less. It's far from it. Kabbalah teaches you how to increase your desire to receive, because in the natural processes of things, your desire to receive is always reduced. Reduced! And we're learning kabbalah, how to increase, that's what the tzadik is all about, because why are you back here? Because in a prior lifetime, because of the Avriot, Tzumaleph set in, cut off the electrical flow, cut off the electrical flow so you know why you came back? To pay for all the bad things I did. Yes, but that's a secondary cause. The primary cause is, because when you stole or you murdered in a prior lifetime, the light was cut off from you, and the light wants to come in. You could not accept it, because TzimTzum Aleph prevented you from receiving. So you're back again now, to make sure that you are going to receive that light. So when the next opportunity for murder or stealing or whatever comes up, now you'll restrict and now you'll get back the light. So it's to increase it! Therefore, the novelty wears off the second time, because of [hebrew]. Because there is a reduction in your curtain. What does it mean a reduction in your curtain? A reduction in your desire to receive. You know why the second bite doesn't taste so good? The energy is not there. Why is the energy not there? Because you can't take the energy. Because your desire to receive is not capable. So what happens? So you're supposed to die then? No, we're going to learn now, how there is a process of reduction. How there'll be less energy. There'll be less desire to receive, until when it says, that at the end, the [hebrew] of an old person is almost non existent. But a [hebrew] gets stronger as he goes along the process. Gets stronger, not less. He doesn't want to retire, he doesn't want to do... He wants more of the things that once were, in his younger days. Except now, he's not making, maybe, the same mistakes, than when he was younger. But not that there is a reduction in his Yetzer hara Reduction of Yetzer hara is by the person who continually sins, so to speak. What do you mean continually sins? He has Tzim Tzum Alef setting in all the time and saying you can't handle it so we'll give you a lesser. We'll give you [hebrew] of [hebrew], we'll give you [hebrew] of [hebrew] We'll reduce your [hebrew], we'll reduce the Malchut, that you have. Is it a punishment? No, because unless, you can't exist. Because if you are only capable of handling 5 watts, and suddenly there's a surge of a 100 watts it will burn you out. So in the process, this was the reason for this process that we're learning. In this process to permit that if a person sins that was the [hebrew]. Person sins... reduce him. The punishment is related to the crime. What do you mean the punishment? Not that his hand comes off. But he is going to enjoy life less. (audience - Less energy) Rav (that's right) More is less. Gmar Hatkun. Why Tzadick has to go That produces the seed. While it's less, but it's more. The seed is more than the branch. Always remember the paradox. It's not a contradiction. But the rule is what's more, always remember, is less, and what is less is always more. And the more you accumulate in the way of physicality, in the physicality. When that happens, remember there is a reduction in the desire to receive. And more reduction in the desire to receive. Yes, there will be a greater desire now to accumulate more, not energy, more Chomer, that's part of the Klipah. That's why Chomer is called klipah, a shell, a covering, illusion. So when Adam Kadmon or the seed, which deals with [hebrew], in other words, the ultimate of the desire to receive, called [hebrew]. [hebrew]. In other words, the natural process was, that this [hebrew] would ultimately and must wear down, until Gmar Tikkun Even with a tzadik. Moshe was the only one. But other than that, even the ultimate of a tzadik, he must die. Why? Because this process of until [hebrew], dictates, that until all of the light has been reviled, all of the [hebrew] has become [hebrew]. As long as there's a little bit left, even though for the tzadik, he's completed, he's taken in, let's say, all his Omar Kif. So what's wrong? Why shouldn't he live forever? Why shouldn't he live forever? Because, Gmar Tikkun means... what is Gmar Tikkun, the end of the correction period? What does that mean? That there is Omer Kif around, that has all now become absorbed into the vessel. That's called Gmara Hatikun But until that point, where some people have not drawn the [hebrew], the encircling light within them, in other words, there is still light out there, that is suffering. The God, that's what they say, God is suffering the pain of not being able to share all this light, because there is Orma Kif still hanging around. So that Orma Kif that cannot enter is a negative force. It's a positive force, but at the same time in reality it's a negative force. It's burning out things. Is that correct? While the orma kif is wonderful! Let's all draw it in and if we all have orma kif we should live forever. And that will be the case of Gmara Tikun Gmara Tikun, meaning, everybody, all neshamot, all souls have ultimately brought that which was outside, earned it and brought it inside. That is [hebrew]. What does it mean? That there is no more heat. No more struggle going on. Now it's all [hebrew], which is the way it was destined to be in the [hebrew]. Life spent is growing on our time The lifespan is increasing. Without knowing you've just given us the answer. why now is the lifespan increasing? Why? Because in the age of aquarius, the age of enlightenment, what is happening? More... I mean, you have people moving away from [hebrew???] Some people are moving closer, but by enlarge, things are getting smaller. Right? Nobody wants a computer which will take up the size of a room, people would be happy if the computer could be a wrist watch. Why doesn't bigness mean better? Bigness doesn't inflate your ego? A big car? Inflate? Bigness should do that? No. Because things... we are becoming enlightened, meaning en-lightened. More of that light is coming in, and because more of that light is coming in, there's longevity Alright?

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Rav on Pain, Kabbalah, Gmar HaTikun,

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