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May 3, 2017 video recording (Converted)

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JOEL: ... today, May 3, 2017 meeting with Tony. FEMALE VOICE: Roberto. JOEL: Come here, one question. The only bar [UNINTELLIGIBLE]? -MALE VOICE 1: Oh, yes. -JOEL: No, there’s another further down. MALE VOICE 1: Not that I know of. -JOEL: This one. -SPEAKER 2: This is what [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. JOEL: Great. [Background conversation] JOEL: Give me another Medalla. [Background conversation] JOEL: How much is it? FEMALE VOICE 1: $2. [Background conversation and music] MALE VOICE 2: Let me not squeeze him too hard or I might kill this motherfucker. [Music] -TONY: It’s ok, my friend. -MALE VOICE 3: Don’t worry. Don’t worry. -TONY: But you see? Wait. Yes. -FEMALE VOICE 2: I laughed. -TONY: Yes. Well, I... I knew that, that, that - -FEMALE VOICE 2: Because, I saw him from the window here, and I saw him staring. TONY: Then you know [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] SPEAKER 3: Man, I'm going - oh, I didn't realize it, because [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. [Background conversation] TONY: Tell me. [Laughter] JOEL: Fuck, you're ignoring me, motherfucker. TONY: No, no, it's because I'm doing a ton of things. -JOEL: Same as me, look. -TONY: Look, tell me. Yes. JOEL: No, it's there, look. -TONY: Yeah? -JOEL: I'm on my ninth Medalla waiting for you, motherfucker. Look. TONY: Yes. JOEL: I'm with a - in - a man named Benji. TONY: Yes. -JOEL: He’s your age. A really cool guy. -TONY: Yes, yes. JOEL: And I need… TONY: One, but, listen, what happened is I ran out. But, I'm about to receive. When I receive, I'll ring you. JOEL: When? TONY: Um, like in 4 or 5 days. JOEL: Okay. And for how much you’re going to give them to me, motherfucker? TONY: No, if I deal with you, like, like how much. I'll show you what's coming, what we've got, okay? TONY (CONT.): [UNINTELLIGIBLE] because I give to him, and him - look these, now brace yourself. JOEL: No. -JOEL(CONT.): Man, I’m believing you. I'm not working with anyone. -TONY: Yeah - no, no, don't worry. JOEL: You know what, what happened to a - to the motherfucker who was giving me a hand--I told you--to Yunito. -TONY: Yes. -JOEL: They shot him in Yabucoa. -TONY: What Yunito? -JOEL: Twent... 20 shots. The one from Juncos. TONY: Look, let's see if it's here. Eh, the thing is… See these 4 balloons? JOEL: Yes, the 4 balloons. TONY: The... They're--look, look at what they're at. I'm going to tell you. [Laughter] This one's at 66,200 feet. [Laughter] You know what that is, right? JOEL: What's that, motherfucker? TONY: Some balloons they installed in the east, that, that they put up every once in a while, and then hold them. -JOEL: Dude, but you're a motherfucker. -TONY: Yes. JOEL: Because when I call you, you don’t show up. Look, I called you the day before yesterday- -TONY: Hey, well, I can get you - -JOEL: I had 100,000 dollars in my hands. TONY: Yes, but, man, that is every time. Not me. I am tired of seeing that. -JOEL: Man, no. Tony, that's not it. -TONY: Yes. JOEL: It's because Benji, he’s a guy who… with Pancho, the one I told you who sings. TONY: Yeah, yeah. JOEL: They're working hard over there in Orlando. -TONY: Okay. -JOEL: And, I trust them. TONY: And, Yun isn't doing anything? JOEL: I'm pissed off with that motherfucker. -TONY: What did he do? Some shit? -JOEL: That's why, yes, that's why. That's why Pancho kept away. -TONY: From Yun. -JOEL: From Yun. TONY: Yes, he wants it all for himself. -JOEL: Pancho is filthy… -TONY: Yeah, yeah, yeah. JOEL: Then he told me: "Look, I've heard about Tony." I, I talked to you about him, about him already. -TONY: Yeah, yeah, yeah. -JOEL: "I've heard about Tony, but, I don't know him, and I don't dare talk to him." -TONY: Yeah, yeah. -JOEL: I told him: "Motherfucker, that's my bro." TONY: He's seen me [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. He's seen me. JOEL: Who the fuck is that? TONY: I don't know, I don't know. He's not a friend of yours? -JOEL: No. -TONY: No? JOEL: I don't know, but he better not… cus - TONY: No, no, don't worry. JOEL: Look - -TONY: Yes. Well, give me - -JOEL: So - -TONY: Give me - -JOEL: He doesn't want to work with Yun anymore. TONY: Yes, because he did [UNINTELLIGIBLE] to him. JOEL: Stole - a theft, that if I, if I tell you, like you say, you’ll fall back. TONY: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, because Yun is difficult, he is a bit difficult. Did you hear? Yun is a bit difficult, man. JOEL: No, not difficult, he's become a smart motherfucker. -TONY: Oh, okay. No – -JOEL: He's become a smart motherfucker. TONY: He's always been like that, man. JOEL: Dude, he took - from Pancho he stole 300,000 dollars, upfront. And, then he dropped 200,000 more. TONY: But, oh, and with the story believing that from the island. JOEL: The story that was about Sa... from Saint Thomas, yeah that story. Then, that he fell, from that. Half the world's there. TONY: Involved in that hit? Who was there? JOEL: They're going to kill that guy. TONY: Who was there? Who? JOEL: The ones from here. -TONY: Who? So, Giova? -JOEL: Mellao’, Mellao’ TONY: Who’s that Mellao’? JOEL: The one from Street 11. Papi, he stole Giova his spot. Ask, ask your son. TONY: He stole the spot from whom? JOEL: Giova. That’s the spot that is selling more in the metropolitan area, the one from 11. TONY: From Street 11? JOEL: Yeah, it’s that Giova is chilling, he's filthy rich. TONY: Yeah, yeah, yeah.. JOEL: Well, there they are, there they are. -TONY: Oh. -JOEL: Pancho with half the world. -TONY: Yeah. It's that - -JOEL: I'm, I’m like waiting for him to do me this much… -TONY: I, I’m gonna be clear with you. -JOEL: To butcher him. To send someone to butcher him. TONY: So that - I'm going to tell you on a personal level. He is my friend and all. But, in terms of business, I go further. You know why? TONY (CONT.): Because when you went by there, I had already fallen. JOEL: And he talked to me, he talked bad about you to me. TONY: Who? Yun? Yes. -JOEL: He told me: "He's selling dreams." -TONY: Yes. JOEL: I told him: "Well, I don't know. He's my friend and I" - the thing is, Tony, that I had never done this. -TONY: No, no, because that old guy likes to fuck around -JOEL: Because even - -TONY: and be lazy. - -JOEL: and be lazy. TONY: Yes. JOEL: So, I had never – done this with you. TONY: Yes, yes, yes. -JOEL: Because I had someone. -TONY: Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah. -JOEL: But, now I am – I don’t trust that old guy anymore. -TONY: Yes - no, no, no. -JOEL: He is a son of a bitch. -TONY: No, no, no. He is worthless. JOEL: He is a son of a bitch. TONY: No, the thing is, is that he's not going to bite me, that's why he says I sell dreams. -JOEL: Yes, but, me, he bit me, he bit the other guy, shit - if he bites me, it's fine, Tony. -TONY: But, isn't Pancho his son? Isn't he his son? FEMALE VOICE 3: Joel? JOEL: What? -FEMALE VOICE 3: You see me everywhere. -JOEL: Who is it? -FEMALE VOICE 3: I kept waiting for your call. -JOEL: Oh, mami, I love you. Yes, we're here. We're ready. FEMALE VOICE 3: I kept waiting for your call. -JOEL: Yes, we're here, we're ready. -FEMALE VOICE 3: Call me later. JOEL: I love you lots. TONY: Look, who? Who is this? Who? Who? Who is Pancho? [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. -JOEL: Man, Pancho, the one who sings, the black one. -TONY: But, isn't he Yun's son? JOEL: He is like his son. Yun's son is Lary. Lary is also pissed off with him. Everyone. Doing some really stupid shit, um, Tony. TONY: But that is not from now. That man has been doing that since a long time. JOEL: Yes, but, since people sucks him off, well, you understand what I'm telling you? TONY: And what you said to him? [UNINTELLIGIBLE]? JOEL: That was with Pancho. I don’t know. Look, those kinds of excuses that a person – TONY: And, I do the work for him. JOEL: Hey, don't do, don't do business with that guy, Tony. You are gonna get fucked.. -TONY: Yes - no, no. -JOEL: And, that guy is really weird. TONY: No, okay, no, not anymore, not anymore. Why is he weird? JOEL: He's strange. TONY: Why do you say that? JOEL: They got a ton of weapons from that guy, a ton of people, and the case fell into - unexpectedly. TONY: And, he hasn’t lived in Saint Croix for years. JOEL: He hasn’t lived in Saint Croix years ago. And, the case fell, but, unexpectedly. JOEL (CONT.): It's like—motherfucker, I'm sorry. They get you and me in my car with 2 rifles, 2 rifles. TONY: And also he was sucking it to Frank too. JOEL: Well, that's another story. TONY: He, he did something to Frank? JOEL: No, that's another story. TONY: He did something to Frank? JOEL: No, Frank, Frank's in jail, and that is another story that never ends. TONY: Is Frank talking? Frank is talking? Oh, shit. At full throttle? JOEL: From a reliable source. TONY: About, about everyone. That's why they don't mention him in the murder case. Oh, shit. JOEL: Don't say that I told you that. TONY: No, no, no, no, no. -JOEL: Look... -TONY: Well, I have to know. JOEL: It's like if they catch you and me up in the car, 2 rifles, full - -TONY: Because - -JOEL: And to... And tomorrow - -TONY: The case is dismissed. -JOEL: Hey, look, they didn't charged him. The case was dismissed. -TONY: No. -JOEL: No one believes that. TONY: No, look, and I was going to ask you. Who? And, is he talking a lot? Damn. -JOEL: Ugly, ugly. -TONY: He’s going to screw me, you hear? TONY (CONT.): Because remember that I -- well, was it years ago, right? JOEL: Nah... TONY: No? Who is he talking about? JOEL: About Castillo, everyone in Cupey, Yun. -TONY: He is talking about Yun? -JOEL: Yes. TONY: Oh, dang. JOEL: But that’s not my problem. -TONY: And does Yun know that? -JOEL: Huh? TONY: Does Yun know that? JOEL: Well, I don't throw light to anyone that doesn’t you know. I, I don't want to know about that motherfucker. -TONY: Yes, yes, yes. -JOEL: Really. TONY: Look, well, give me like 3 or 4 days. I'll call you when it arrives. -JOEL: Man, you are going to ignore me, Tony. -TONY: Hey, but - JOEL: I'm trusting you. TONY: Man, wait for it to get here. When I work it out, I, I'll let you know right away. Man, what's going on with you? JOEL: For how much are you going to give it to me? TONY: No, let it get here. When it arrives, we’ll talk. -JOEL: Okay? -TONY: Yes, yes, I'll let you know. Damn, I didn't know that about Frank either. JOEL: Like on Thursday, Tony? TONY: No, I don't know, I don't know if it will be for Thursday or later. I'm waiting for those animals to move from there. JOEL: The what? -TONY: Those balloons. -JOEL: Oh, okay. TONY: [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the one that is spinning around. Damn, he’s talking. [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. JOEL: From a reliable source. TONY: Damn. JOEL: I, thank God, look, that guy gave me a bad feeling right from the start, I met him in [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. -TONY: Yes, yes. -JOEL: One day when I was with Pancho, with, with the late Quintana. TONY: Yes, yes and he hangs out with a lot of people from Bayamón, from everywhere. JOEL: Yes. And, it gave me a bad feeling, one of those. I said hi to him and like super loud mouthed. And, I don't like people like that, Tony. -TONY: Yes, yes. -JOEL: I, I drew away from him, man, in like 5 seconds. -TONY: Yeah. -JOEL: I drew away in 5 seconds. -TONY: An these people from Carolina here, crazy? -JOEL: They don’t hear. -TONY: The crazies from Carolina? -JOEL: No, they don’t hear. -TONY: No, neither those people… -JOEL: No, hey. No, don't even talk about that. TONY: Yes, yes, yes. JOEL: And, the ones from here, less. That's there, and that, that is a rat’s nest. Right now. TONY: Yes. -JOEL: You can't tell who is who over there now. Quique has disappeared. -TONY: Why? JOEL: Don't know. Supposedly, he's over there in Orlando and he comes and goes, a ghosting. Forget about that. TONY: I saw him, I saw him at the Mall. I saw him. JOEL: Yes, I saw him the day before yesterday, I said hi to him from afar. But he was really, really different, really - um, Tony, what I like about you, JOEL (CONT.): is that I spoke to you the first time, and I spoke to you now and you have always been the same. TONY: Yes, I'm always the same. -JOEL: And, I spoke to Pancho about you. -TONY: Yes. -JOEL: But since he doesn't know you. -TONY: Yes, yes, yes. JOEL: Me sending him to you like that… -TONY: No, no, no, no, no. -JOEL: No, man. No. TONY: No, no, I don't want that either. I have too many people. -JOEL: Well - -TONY: Hey, wait for my call in 4 or 5 days. -JOEL: Help me. -TONY: Yes, don't worry. -JOEL: Help me. -TONY: We'll talk. Yes. -JOEL: Help me, Gordo. -TONY: [UNINTELLIGIBLE] is going to come [UNINTELLIGIBLE] from that. -JOEL: I love you. -TONY: 4 or 5 days, you hear? JOEL: I love you. [Background conversation and music]

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