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Albisteak 2.0.004 - Gora Japon!

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news 2.0 Hello viewers! This is News 2.0's forth show, forth episode and as we have been making shows some people said as that this is a freak show and that we are also freak people ...but, what is being a freak, Galder? - Being a freak is, for example, make a figure of Mario like this in a puzzle and then playing with a gadged like this making this... We have been looking after what being a freak is in the net and we have found some words similar to freak. Freak means: weird, a little bit strange... or a person who is always with new technologies, obsessed, and always being after them lonely, working around it. We don't feel ourselves lonely, we're open. But as we searched for "freak", we have added many new words into our dictionary. Nerd is one of them: the best student in the classroom, sometimes called swot, wearing glasses and sometimes depicted as an ugly person in some media productions. A Geek is also a new term. Geek... geek is a person who is keen on new technologies and a fan of being good on informatics. We have learn the word Trekkie also, a person who is very fan of the Star Trek movies. Or an Otaku: this is a new phenomenon and means FREAK in japanese language. In japanese means someone who is obsessed or blind with something it could be new technologies, or manga comic or cars, isn't it? An Otaku can be a "car otaku". Really, we often talk about Japan when we are mentioning about freak people. And we have found in Japan a freak, a real freak. A japanese man who has learnt basque language. He is Sho Hagio and in this video we can see how we talks in our language. -And how did you started to be interested, related, with basque culture? Why did you start reading and learning about it? - Why? In fact, it's 25 years now I learnt basque language in Tokyo, and why? Firstly, my first motivation, I can't remember and this first motivation is not really important to me but maybe, I could say that it was curiosity. Eastern and Western ways of life are so different sometimes, why such differences between cultures? This could be, maybe, my start. And in Japan, in school books, you can read that the Basque Country is in the east of Europe (sic) and that is related to some other Eastern languages. That's it, in all the West there's a stong difference with the east, but there are some similarities also. So, my first motivation could be to learn deeply which are these similarities. -We have met Sho Hagio, a Japanese who speaks basque language, and he does it OK, but maybe we can find people in the Basque Country who knows a lot about Japan, speak japanese or know their culture, maybe in Internet there are some basque with blogs about it, aren't they? -Yes, there are, there are lots. We have found lots of them, mostly in spanish. There are some of them in basque language also and we are going to show you them. The first one is Eneko's, Eneko is from Getxo and he owns the domain enekochan. He speaks mostly about Japanese facts and things, curiosities... and well, it's a good way of learning about the Japanese culture. He also showed us the video we will see when we finish. We also have Lekesan, Lekesan is from Elorrio and he lives in Japan. He writes it in basque language, all the other we have found make the blog in spanish, so this is a good way of knowing about their culture in basque language. Gogedanken speaks in his blog about the GO and Neki in his Nekikun blog works on videos mainly, beautiful videos, done in Japan, in the Basque Country or elsewhere. AlJapoin is from Zamudio and she lived in Japan, and now we have heard that is living in the Basque Country, she gives us the opportunity to know the japanese culture in her blog. lastly we have a Bilbao citizen in Japan with that domain: "" and he speaks about what a Bilbao citizen does in Japan. Basque people in Japan can meet themselves in the "Basque House of Tokyo" or that seems to us, and they also have a web despite the web is in building progress and we don't even know if the Basque House is also built. And lastly, we want to show you this video and we will explain it: This video is and advertisement done in Japan a Vitamine advertisement and speaks about the strenght of the basque people. Nowadays Japan is in fashion, their culture, mostly in Internet and sometimes also in music, isn't it, Patxi? Yes, that's true, and really many music groups from the Basque Country have been performing in Japan, in Fermin Muguruza's videos we saw what kind of dance they do, Berri Txarrak have been in the Fuji Rock festival and Zea Mays have also been there. We heard about an "Alaitz eta Maider" song used in a cooking show in Japan and in the Basque Country, for example, we have the group called "Gora Japon" ("Go Japan, Go!") maybe created by some kind of admiration on Japan. These days the group Gose have made their last album, the third one and they made a tour in Japan and put some videos about it in the net, some of them made in Japan, as "Lokartu arte". We've seen this video reccomendation (using #bideoGO hashtag) made by soe friends in the net. And we will say goodbye with the video "Lokartu arte". - Good bye or as japanese people would say: Sayonara!

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Duration: 11 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Basque
Producer: Albisteak 2.0
Director: Albisteak 2.0
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Posted by: albisteak2.0 on Apr 9, 2010

Albisteak 2.0ren 4. saioa, Japonia eta Euskal Herriaren arteko loturak interneten.

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