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Science in Seconds - Synesthesia

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Science in Seconds Know Everything RAVES - Synesthesia Rheanna Sand: Can you taste music? Does everybody's name have a color? Well, if you haven't taken LSD today, you might have synesthesia, a condition that gives about 1 in every 23 people very unique cross-sensory experiences. Over 60 types of synesthesia have been identified, but only a portion of these have been studied in depth. One of the more well-described types associates numbers or letters with particular colors, and is called grapheme-color synesthesia. Letters can be individually colored, or entire words can have a tinge to them. Personification synesthetes give letters and numbers human characteristics: for example, "T" could be very crass; "6" untrustworthy at the best of times; and "D" the most generous soul you would ever meet. It's so true! One rare form joins letter sounds to specific tastes. One patient reported tasting sherbet with F-sounds and eggs with K-sounds, a combination that may or may not have discouraged him from swearing, depending on his preference for eggy sherbet. So, what is going on in the brain of a synesthete? Why are the senses experiencing so much cross-talk? Some think it's a lack of pruning of neural connections early in development. Others think a decrease in inhibition in cross-sensory feedback pathways leads to overactive connections. Evidence suggests this is how psychedelic drugs cause similar effects, as do strokes and epileptic seizures. So, although synesthesia sounds like a riot, if you start to smell names all of a sudden, you might want to seek medical attention. Or trying laying off the drugs for a few days. Courtesy of Science in Seconds – All rights reserved Only for educational/non-profit purposes. (Translators are invited to put their name here)

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