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Spirituality for Kids is being spreading around the world for over 14 years. We have touched the lives of tens of thousands of children from all social, economic, cultural, religious backgrounds. By supporting them and understanding and connecting to who they are, to the power and the wisdom that each have inside. This connection results in them making better choices, having better relationships, and ultimately being most successful academically and in anything they choose to do. I was looking for something, because my husband is Jewish, and I am not, and we are not religious. So I thought what can we do to build a spiritual foundation for the girls and give them tools to succeed in life. It has definitely made a nice environment in our class. I mean to say that we can like talk more together, and we can be more like teams. And then like if that happened with all the children, and then it would be such a nice place. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And there was Spirituality for Kids online. And I was like: "Okay, this is exactly what I need!" Nothing really out there that tackles spirituality head on. In terms of teaching spirituality for children, this is an excellent resort, because it gives you a variety of tools to use to teach the children this quite tricky concept really. So there is also things I'm seeing over the program where children would start thinking about choosing the right decisions, thinking about their true voice. And also being an impact on the playground for things like sharing and resolving conflict and things like that. So there is definitely a progression throughout the 13 weeks where initially the children are thinking about themselves and then about how later their behavior impacts on others. Spirituality for Kids is an easy to use program with a profound affect. We fund raise to ensure parents, teachers or anyone else who wants to share Spirituality for Kids' content with their children can do so regardless of their financial ability to pay for the content whether online or in the classroom. We thank you for your support.

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Posted by: sfkvolunteers on Nov 19, 2016

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