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Quickscope Season 1 Episode 1 | Of Monk3ys and Men

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I'm basically a huge nerd and I like to look at review articles of molecular biology and kinesiology. I'm going to nursing school for one year in an accelerated bachelor's and science in nursing program. I've been an athlete all my life. I used to play lacrosse. So I went to this meeting. And they told us that uh, we could potentially start an esports program at CC, but all the work had to come from the students. And so I said "Yeah, we're doing that." So I immediately rounded up the squad and we started practicing together. And thus, Esports was born. When you play goalie, in lacrosse and in other sports, your job is to tell-- cause you can see the entire field-- your job is just to tell your team what to do basically. And, you need to be really confident that you know what you're talking about. And you can direct your team to make a play and to make a defensive stop. So from that, I wasn't scared to tell people where they had to be and be confident in my decision making. And so that confidence in decision making translates to esports. He's one of those rare people, whose just like so instristically motivated. So he comes up with all of his own ideas of what to do. He takes care of the team in terms of emotional support. He gets them to want to be on his team. To want to be a competitive group. To want to impress him. Which is not an easy thing, or a natural thing for most people. He has it. He has this magnetism. I am excited to test our team's abilities. Our team's abilities to adapt to a new player base, in a competition against other well known schools, who have been fierce competitors in the past. In my sophomore year, I started to have a lot of panic attacks. And went to the hospital for them a few times. And I was so convinced that I wasn't stressed out, I thought they were just breathing issues. I thought I had like some medical thing wrong with me. I had no idea that it was stress related-- until the end of my sophomore year, when I had a seizure. On the lacrosse field. And I was like OK. Something is way too stressful in my life and if all these factors could have built up to give me a seizure, I should probably chill out for a little bit. Most people that play Overwatch are very individually minded. And since you usually play matched up with 5 random people, you develop a lack of confidence in your teammates. And a feeling that you need to carry the game in order to win and that you need to do everything. And your team is just holding you back. And so changing that mentality to "I need to help my teammates do what they're trying to do as much as I can" and "I need to work as a unit" is a new concept to a lot of Overwatch players. And that concept takes awhile to grow. And we are just starting to grow that now. Explaining that it is a very competitive environment that is very dynamic and deserves praise from the school and the players deserve praise from the school as well. I think it's going to be difficult to replace Henry when he graduates. But I have no doubt that it's going to be a little of... feel like the floor just vanished beneath people. When we started this program one year ago, my plans for the future of the Overwatch program were what we have now. And those were my long term plans. And so I didn't think we were going to get a personal space to play. That we were going to have a cohesive team consistently. That we were going to be competing in an SCAC tournament. Or even a national tournament. I had no idea that this would all happen so quickly. And so really, my long term goals have been met. And that transitions to my new goal, which is just to continue to make sure that when I leave, this continues. I can help lead the monkeys. Is that why I'm MysticMonk3y? I needed monkey because... Lilly: "Will you give us your best monkey impression?" No. Monkeys. Alright team!

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Posted by: lilchenzo on Jan 24, 2019

Meet the CC Overwatch Captain- Henry Hinds.

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