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Back to (movies), I am wondering that, say, your handling of the Iraq War, definitely one of the most important affairs for the US in last 10 years, what drove you to do such things? It was more out of deconstruction rather than motivation. I think, at that time, the American Dream… Sorry. …shattered, in a sense. To be honest, I could feel the absurdity. I grew up in Taiwan during the Cold War, so I had a very idealistic view of the US. Dramas and movies that I watched were all beautifying the US. Those shows told me that Americans are born pretty, tall and ambitious, more open, or insist on doing something. I guess you have... Yeah, I've watched the movie. I think it could not be counted as ideals or something with "-ism". It seems that people wonder whether it is anti-war, I say the war should be boycotted. The war was bad. Everyone knows that, right? So I picked that book. The books are written by others, only the materials I used relate to the issues I cared for, relate to my observations of the US and of the world, and are related to my age, perhaps. It is not about something ideal, but rather, saying, under such a disintegrated situation, such an absurd condition, in such an unprepared messy world, under those circumstances, How could we deal with our sentiment? I am not saying only soldiers have those experience, we all live in the same world, in the same mess. How could we set ourselves? How could we believe in each other's sentiment? I think it is a way to express. Maybe it is because of my age, the world is eternally the same, I just did not see the truth before, and now I am clearer. Or the world has really changed, it's hard to tell. You said just now you are always an observer, I assume that you could take great advantage of entering various fields, by studying and understanding them. But what are the disadvantages? The disadvantage is as an outsider, you are not pro in any field, and the only remedy is to feel for others and to work hard As for the "pro" issue, have you felt any by sensations? Like, the feeling at that moment, you really got it, for example, either by eyes, ears or even nose for the smell, etc. I often feel that when I shoot a movie, I would be possessed by the movie, just as if possessed by some spirit. What I need to do is just to push those out of my system How do you feel about possession? It seems scary to say "possession", but it is scary to some degree. While filming the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", I started to feel such possession that I would become the movie. And "Lust, Caution" made me feel like Eileen Chang was by my side, and she was always haunting me. Those were my true feelings. All three roles would possess me. Speaking of "Billy Lynn", my original idea was based on the thought of soldiers. It reminded me of that one time, when I had a car accident, and my wife was sitting next to me, my kids were in the backseat. In those one or two seconds, I made a decision which I could spend 10 minutes explaining. I guess soldiers are similar, all their sensations are active, so it is normal to be clumsy when they try to fit in, while the normal life is, in contrast, absurd in their eyes. I think such an idea, a halftime show and a real war, the two blending together would make an interesting movie. But the more films I shot, the more I feel people around me, my experience, and the sense of insecurity are similar to that soldier, Billy Lynn, as if I were him. Since you have been into so many different roles. Yeah. You also mentioned the insecurity to face. Your fear, struggle, and to get rid of it. Time after time, do you find yourself more secure or less secure? Or Neither? I believe this is our growth. If you don’t grow up by movies, then you go through another path. Actually I find myself to be more like an actor. Probably because I failed to be an actor when I was young. I couldn’t speak English then. Finally I became an director. So my work is similar to role-playing. I remember Tony Leung once told me, 'It is miserable to be an actor.' Yet only outstanding ones speak like that. As I was persuading him into something every day. And he was convinced into his role. After finishing the film, he had to persuade himself not to believe and come back to normal life. It’s so tiresome, just like the theme of "Lust, Caution". Only when pretending, you dare to touch your true self. In your true, internal world, there is chaos. You never dare to touch it or let others see this is you. However, when we are pretending, I feel actually, we are more real and can strive for the truth. That's it. Have you ever thought if you didn’t go to the US but stayed in Taiwan, what would happen? I have no idea. I was destined to leave at that age. It has been 25 years since you directed Pushing Hands in 1991. What do you think is the source of your creativity? I guess, it’s exploration on different dimensions of yourself. Throughout your growth, at some specific points, you will develop a special interest in a specific topic about life. It could be a social phenomenon, or something political, large or small, internal or external. You are not only curious about it, but also disturbed. You need to touch it. Otherwise, you will be disturbed from time to time. It does not leave you automatically. You must confront it. This is the first step. Then you deal with it. But once the first topic is done, something new and emotional comes up to disturb you. Again you have to face, handle, and rationalize it, like peeling an onion. You can never finish peeling your life. If you stop filming, what do you think your legacy would be in the film industry? A hardworking film maker. That's all. Speaking in all conscience, I’m not being modest, I am only a filming-holic. My knowledge of the world is quite limited. I am coincidentally just good at making movies. I am curious enough about the world. When talking about something, how my story goes is dependent on how I use the materials. I am passionate about shooting films. Because it’s cultural and about human nature. I hope my films make a difference to people’s minds. And after that, comfort them. I take back my words. I don’t care. I am simply a filming-holic. Okay. Thank you, Mr. Lee. Thank you.

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