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Clear the Mind Clutter || WE MADE IT THROUGH JANUARY!

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I've been meaning to make this video for a while now. ♫ silly music ♫ Ah, January. It's the Monday of the year. There are two redeeming qualities to the month of January. One is that my community puts on a local production, and I am usually taking part of it. This year I am the musical director for "Oklahoma!" ♫ Where the wind comes sweepin down the plain ♫ and I'm really excited about it. It's taking up a lot of time which makes January go by really fast So... redeeming quality number one. The second redeeming quality about January is that it is a new year. It's like a fresh start, a blank page. And everybody gets into writing new year's resolutions for themselves. When I was younger I used to get really excited about writing resolutions because for some reason I thought it was like a magic pill. You just write it down, and magically it happens. I read somewhere that by January 13th most people have already forgotten about their new year's resolutions. So, I went into this year a little bitter and feeling kinda jaded about life and new year's resolutions and so, I decided I'm not going to set any. And it's not because I don't have goals to set. I have a lot of ideas in my head and a lot of things I want to be doing this year, BUT, this year, I really want to be a finisher. So I hope you'll forgive me today, no makeup, pretty sure I haven't looked in a mirror yet today, wearing a t-shirt... you know, MOM. So, if I have your permission, I'm making this video anyway. Even though I'm not all made up and put together, I am here, and I'm following through with a commitment that I made to myself that I am going to finish things. And one of the things I'm supposed to finish is this video! I have a list of projects that I've been working on, some lasting as long as about three years ago... ♫ suspenseful music ♫ ...that need to be completed. And this year, or at least for the first part of this year, my "new year's resolution" has been to finish those things. So, there's a song that I was supposed to finish like, two and a half years ago. There's another song that I was supposed to have recorded by two Christmases ago. I have a few graphic design projects, a few video editing projects, that have been outstanding for a few weeks now, and I just want to finish them. Because, here's what happens: they take up space in my brain, and they take up space in my emotional field. Does that make sense? So, when I'm trying to get other things done, all I can think about how guilty I feel for not finishing the other things I said I was going to do. So, this year before Valentine's day, I was supposed to host a songwriting class. Because, you know, how awesome would it be to write your own song for a loved one on Valentine's Day? So, I was gonna help walk people through that process. But listen, I'm not going to start something new until I've finished what I've already started. So, while I continue to move forward with my daily tasks and all the other kinds of ongoing projects I'm working on, I have this list, and I'm gonna get through it. And that's my commitment to you. What's been on the back of your mind? What's been taking up some of your emotional and mental energy? Write it in the comments below and then tell me what day you're gonna have that done by. Because, listen, I want you to get rid of that too. It feels horrible to hold onto stuff like that. So, as much as I hope you've taken this year like a bull by the horns, and you're knocking out your to-do list, I have a feeling that might not be the case for you. So, if it's not, just remember tomorrow's a new day and you can start whenever you want! Just get it done. You've got this. Me and you. So, go enjoy the rest of your day, and I'll see you next time. ♫ happy music ♫ ♪ do do do do do do do do ♪ Here comes a child. Hashtag mom style. Is that a thing? Is that... Cool kids, can you... ... help? *child cries in the background* Did you hear that? *laughs* *pounding* Okay, you keep on pounding, child. You keep on stompin' on that floor. So as much as I've ho.... ---bleh! Together, man. How do you...? Secret handshake thing... yeah. Me and you. Peace! Nobody says that anymore.

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Posted by: iloveapiano on Feb 1, 2018

Are you ready to stop saying "I've been meaning to...", "Someday I'll..."
Let's knock out that to-do list together. Let me know what you'll be working on in the comments below.

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