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Help Translate the Top 10 Questions

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Help Translate the Top 10 Questions of Our Time Hi, I'm Leif Utne with QuantumShift TV and Conversation Week 2008. Last month, we asked you to suggest questions for Conversation Week's list of the "Top Ten Questions of Our Time." This list will be used to stimulate dialogue about the challenges facing humanity and the planet during this year's Conversation Week which takes place in living rooms, cafes, libraries and other public spaces around the globe from March 24-30. Out of more than 600 submissions, we winnowed the list down to 50 great questions designed to stimulate dialogue. Then, nearly 1,500 people in 39 countries voted for their favorites. The result... 10 powerful questions that go to the heart of the issues we all face -- questions about things like leadership, our children's future, living sustainably, ending violence, and finding balance in this chaotic world. Now, to make this year's Conversation Week truly global, we want your help again, this time with an experiment to break the language barrier by translating these Ten Questions into as many languages as possible. Just make a short video of yourself speaking one or more of this year's questions in a language other than English. You can see the full list of questions on the website. Make sure to state your name and location somewhere in your video, and please tell us in English what language you're speaking. Then upload it to with a title like, "Top Ten Questions - Spanish" (or Mandarin, or Swahili, or Klingon) and the keywords "Conversation Week 2008." By uploading your video on QuantumShift TV you give us permission to use your footage as part of Conversation Week's promotional efforts. We'll take your videos and remix them into a multilingual invitation to the whole world to join the conversation. And using a cool tool called dotSUB we'll enable you to add subtitles in any language. So think globally, and talk locally. Join us for Conversation Week 2008.

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 23 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Leif Utne
Director: Leif Utne
Views: 2,601
Posted by: leifutne on Mar 6, 2008

Conversation Week 2008,, needs your help to translate this year's list of the Top 10 Questions into other languages. If you speak a language other than English, please:

(1) Make a short video of yourself speaking one or more of the questions, and

(2) Upload it to QuantumShift TV,, by 12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time (that's MGT-8) on Wednesday, March 12. Give it a title like "Top Ten Questions - Spanish" and add the keywords "Conversation Week 2008".

We'll take your footage and re-mix it into a multilingual invitation to the world to participate in Conversation Week 2008.

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