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How spiritual experiences cultivate in different ways. Sadhguru

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- - - - - - - There are any number of people who have come to spiritual experiences by different means either by being touch with a certain person on even just going to certain places being exposed to certain situations are just accidentally out of their own life situations for some reason let's let's understand the science of what's happening fundamentally what is it that we are calling as spirituality the way the creation is right now from what you call as let's say a rock which is gross solidity to what you call as plant or animal or human or what you refer to as divine what is this in every possible way every system in the world has been trying to insist that it's the same thing. Isn't it? though you don't believe any of them at least now whatever the scientists say you believe scientists are also saying the same thing recently it was very amusing for me to meet a very top level scientist in united states and now that it was we were just talking and everything that I say, he says thats right that's what the science is also trying to get there but we were not clear about it what you're saying is right I said, it has to be science says something else science is wrong so what is happening to this ease from gross to shuttle it is the same thing this happened to me many years ago as I said yesterday I.....At one time just after my university I set up a farm and I did this form almost completely on my own a lot of it I physically worked and built the whole thing and I have to paint the farm so I'm in the family, i am an outcast because I am doing something that they were not very happy about so and running on a real bad budget so I want to paint it, the paint is expensive in the shop so I went and bought ordnance know the military paint, it's bad quality but it's available in large quantities so I got myself ordnance paint, the only color they had was farm blue that's not the color I wanted to paint my farm but that's only color they had and I had to paint it before the bank people came for the inspection it had to be painted so I said okay the paint it farm blue tomorrow when we have the money, we will paint it something else so I am the Painter and it's a long surface to paint and if I go like this like this it will take too much time and don't have that kind of time so I device my own way put it and just walk along the wall from this end to that end, that end to this end, dip it and walk and walk holding the brush to the wall I just took the first stroke and just walked here it came up thick has it went it became you know lighter and lighter and lighter I just looked at this and burst into tears an I just sat there for many hours, I didn't paint because for me the whole creation was right there in my experience this is all the whole creation is just like a paint smear from gross to shuttle that's all it is what you call as a rock what to call it the ultimate divinity is the same thing but shuttle this is gross so this human being has broken away from one level of existence and not yet reached other he's here out of his fear and out of his longing to survive and preserve himself he tends to make himself like a rock but the moment he becomes like that there is something within him which doesn't like it he too wants to go somewhere else to the shuttle this is the struggle that the human being is going through so spiritual process means consciously taking yourself to the shuttle so this shutility can happen within you either because you came in touch with somebody or something or you consciously built it up within yourself or simply because of a certain usually strive for dangerous situations for people when danger arises or extreme strive arises in one's life a certain intensity can come to life within you and suddenly what was gross can become very shuttle just being faced with death can do this to people many years ago I was in Bangalore and I went to vegetable market I have a kind of fancy for a vegetable markets wherever we go. we go into the vegetable markets just for the fun of it Indian vegetable markets of fun you go there you simply bargain .. You know they say ten rupees, you say No one rupee then he say ok three rupees, then you say two rupees and simply for the fun of it, if you don't bargain they won't respect you so we have a kind of fascination for vegetable markets so I went to vegetable market and there was just walking through, looking and talking to people and there I saw a man a vegetable vendor who is a shining being it's just look at him and I can't believe a man like this is selling vegetable then I looked at him and he looked at me our eyes locked up then I burst out laughing he also laughed then I went to him and I asked how come here Why vegetables he said come sit down so I went and the sat in his shop and we were just talking and I said How come he said I was just a vegetable vendor and one day I fell ill and he fell ill he had nobody somehow he went to a general hospital which is just like a preparatory for hell and there he was every day he thought he is going to die, his condition was just there every day he thought he will die, every day he thought he will die, but he didn't die they don't let you die four months he was in the hospital completely bed driven and after four months he recovered and in this for months constantly facing death he realized himself and now he's sitting there like a Buddha in the vegetable shop so he said everybody who comes to me every customer who comes to me, I just bless them with the long illness - I said what a blessing because for him this illness is such a blessing his illness has delivered him to a completely different dimension of life so you know you should know where to buy vegetables so it can happen in so many different ways but the thing is for most the people who come in touch with spiritual experiences through contact or through something else they are unable to sustain it they go up there and they collapse when they collapse is everything is worse than before if you were not seen up there then this was quite okay but now you seen up there and now you collapse now its very bad you didn't known anything better you're okay now you known something better now when you come back here, it feels terrible so they become miserable many of them become broken in their minds depressed so many people like this keep coming all the time because somehow they're burst into some big experience not able to sustain it, that becomes their curse nothing wrong has happened to them it's just that they saw different level of life and they have fallen and it's very painful suppose you're just living an ordinary I mean a very meager kind of life suddenly you got a lottery hundred million dollars one year you lived like that and then you lost it now it's bad Isn't it? If you had not gotten that you were just fine the way you are but suddenly this thing up there and down here you're not able to take it that's what has happened to these people so it's always best that you don't jump into big experiences it's better you build a staircase and slowly climb so that there is no falling down so when we create a proper structure a proper practice this is what it means every day you keep doing the kriya it will slowly build you up no sudden fireworks but slowly it builds you up to a certain point there's no question of falling down because you gone up on the staircase you didn't just jump from somewhere so the practice Shambhavi Maha Mudra will create that situation within you it doesn't matter whatever has happened in the past is good for you at one moment now the only thing is you were unable to stay there you're unable to keep it up and the system is not ready for that kind of energy, without preparing your body if you take this into very high levels of energy something can easily break very easily it can happen to people so it's always best that the system is prepared before big energies happen to people that is a whole fundamentals of physicality of yoga is just that that to prepare the body, so that when really big time energy happens you can take it well - -

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about variations in her spiritual experiences. Sadhguru discusses the ways people experience spirituality. (AO84)

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