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THE TWELVE TASKS OF ASTERIX In 50 B.C. Gaul was covered in impenetrable forests where a majestic silence reigned Only the birds... Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey wait a minute! Come back here! I said in 50 B.C. There, thanks! In 50 B.C., Gaul was covered in impenetrable forests where a majestic silence reigned Julius Caesar, after many harsh battles had conquered the countries which opposed the triumphant mark of the Roman civilization Well, in 50 B.C. all of Gaul was occupied by the Romans All? No! Somewhere in Armorica, a small village resisted A small village surrounded by Roman camp entrenchments The inhabitants of this village... Is there any need to introduce them? Is there anyone here who doesn't know who they are? Ah good? Well it goes... Put down your hands everyone I am going to start the introductions This large hut is the home of the village chief the formidable Abraracourcix Mimine, Mimine, but Mimine It's me who should be up on my shield I am the chief after all. I have to do some shopping I will give it back to you later Put the house back in order A wild boar would refuse to live there. All right, move it everyone! This is Assurancetourix, the bard His musical talent is not always appreciated and is therefore contested in a subtly expressed manner Ah! Here is Idefix, the village mascot And the best friend of Obelix, the deliverer of large stones Fetch Idefix! Go my doggy! I am teaching him to fetch the stones He would be able to help me with my work You know, it's not that I doubt the intelligence of Idefix but I ask myself is he not a little small for your large stones The one who speaks with so much wisdom is Asterix, the best warrior in the village His adventures are on sale in all the best bookstores and have been translated into all languages Salute! Guten Tag! Hello! Hi! Konnichiwa! Buenas dia! Kopulapko! Armeneich! [he crows like a rooster! (Bonjour!)] But how did this village with its handful of warriors always resist the power of the Roman invaders? Ah well, it is because of the magic potion prepared by the druid Panoramix which gives superhuman strength to those lucky enough to drink it No, Obelix, no! The effects of the potion are permanent in you You know that you fell into the pot when you were small "You fell into the pot when you were small." Gna, gna, gna, gna... Oh Boy! The Romans! Centurion, why go there again? You know what will happen to us These people are not human Maybe, but these are the orders of Julius Caesar Maybe this time things will be different Watch the door! Form the square! Savages! Well... yes... what... it's the savages! Attack them, attack them again they said! That wasn't very different from the last time, huh centurion! No, not really I am going to tell you one good thing Post equitem sedet atra cura Ah well, these soldiers are speaking latin which is going to be the dead language if Julius Caesar continues to engage them in combat They aren't humans, these people, centurion! They aren't human! You're right, They aren't human! Simple mortals wouldn't resist us Well, we see, they are gods We don't stand a chance against gods I am going to Rome to tell Caesar gods are against us Gods! These villagers, completely mad, gods? Let me laugh! But Caesar, it is still necessary to admit that they hold your power in check Yes, it is time to realistically assess the situation: If it is that, we are lost staying constructive in my reasoning if I want to be totally objective all the same, I arrive at this conclusion: We can't do anything against gods Suppose, as well, that we are dealing with half-gods Ah well, all the same, the situation is desperate Here is a concrete example: Hercules We dream about the battles of Hercules? Hercules! Gods! Half-gods! I will prove it to you, oh cowardly counselors that these imbeciles are mortal, very mortal! Brutus, go hurt someone with that knife How will you prove to us they aren't gods, oh Caesar? I will go see them myself and they will take tests only gods can pass If they are gods I will give up But is they are men and nothing but men they will know the fury of Caesar And by Jupiter, I say to you they will meet their end in the belly of a circus lion Then, prepare me a chariot and an escort! Someone's ringing, Mimine. Will you go see who it is? Julius Caesar is in front of the village He is asking for you Julius Caesar? The Julius Caesar? Himself Good, a towel for my feet, my shoes! Warn everyone Get my shield ready Yes, yes, they're here

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Duration: 9 minutes and 57 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Genre: Animated
Producer: Georges Dargaud, René Goscinny, and Albert Uderzo
Director: René Goscinny, Henri Gruel, Albert Uderzo, and Pierre Watrin
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Posted by: aeh5573 on Apr 29, 2010

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix- Part 1
This is the first part of twelve tasks that Julius Caesar assigns to Asterix. If Asterix manages to accomplish all twelve of these tasks, Julius Caesar will hand the Roman empire over to Gaul, if not they must surrender.

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