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AUGMENTED REALITY AUTHOR ILDERMAN MARTINEZ Is the term used to define a vision DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM A REAL WORLD PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Consists of a set of virtual devices that add information to an existing physical information This is the main difference with virtual reality, since it does not replace the physical reality, but superimposes computer data to the real world. The artificial information about the environment and objects can be stored and retrieved as an information layer on top of the real world view. Augmented reality research explores the application of computer generated images in real time video streams as a way to expand the real world. Recently, the term augmented reality has spread by the increasing interest of the general public. Augmented Reality is also the incorporation of digital data and information in a real environment Through pattern recognition is performed by software, in other words is an interactive tool that is still in its infancy around the world and in a few years we will see it everywhere, running and moving, surprising and reaching all disciplines: video games, mass media architecture, education and even in medicine, bringing a digital world unimaginable to our real environment His big difference with virtual reality is that it takes us out of our environment to take us to a reality. Augmented reality devices usually consist of a "headset" and a display system for display to the user the virtual information is added to the actual The "headset" incorporates GPS systems, needed to pinpoint the user's situation. The two main systems of "displays" employees are transparent optical screen (Optical See-through Display) screen and image blending (Video-Display mixed). Both one and the other using virtual images that the user is mixed with reality or projected directly on the screen. The modern augmented reality systems use one or more of the following technologies: digital cameras, optical sensors, accelerometers, GPS gyroscopes, solid state compasses, RFID, etc. The sound processing hardware may be included in augmented reality systems Systems Augmented Reality based cameras require a powerful CPU and plenty of RAM to process images from these cameras The combination of all these elements is often given in modern smartphones, which make them a potential platform for augmented reality

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Posted by: ilderman on Oct 13, 2012


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