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Locating Your Bread of Shame How do we recognize Bread of Shame in our lives? I list a few of the indications that will help us identify when Bread of Shame is operating in our system. Anger, resentment, lack of appreciation, entitlement You might also feel like distancing yourself from people. And these are just a few of the examples that can help us identify Bread of Shame in our lives. I know it's pretty hard to look at ourselves and finding those negativities within us. It's much easier to look at other people But please don't try to diagnose others, your friends, and family with their Bread of Shame. Let's try to do this work on ourselves. Let's take this opportunity to really transform. There is a Spiritual Law that says when we are taking on a regular basis and we're not making any effort, we're not earning that receiving, it will result in those negative emotions. Negativity will start to rise in our lives and it will cause us moments of anger entitlement, and all those things we just mentioned. A person in this situation truly doesn't often realize that his feelings, his negativity, those notions that he has, that they are coming from that place of not earning the Light of not putting in effort. Those moments of negativity are prompting me to want to take more, to try to find solutions on how to fill myself up. Instead of going outside myself and start to share. Our soul came to this world in order to transform. To transform from being a receiver to become a receiver for the sake of sharing This is what we're here to do. So now, let's go back to those notions. You have an exercise to do. Take these examples in the exercise of the anger, When do you feel angry? When do you feel frustrated? When do you feel like distancing yourself from people? Or any other negative notion that comes up in your life, and start to identify these moments where Bread of Shame is in action in your life. Where did Bread of Shame sneak in and is causing all those negativities to come up in your life. In the next mission, we are going to learn how to remove this Bread of Shame, how to get rid of the Bread of Shame, how to do this transformational work. I hope you're excited and I'll see you later.

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