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Reincarnation Class #1 karen_berg_weekly_message_after_death_20120113_eng

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So many students have asked the question "What happens to us after we leave this world?" "Where do we go?" "What happens?" And I have to tell you that I did not do it yet, so I am not exactly sure. I can only go by what is written, what I have learned, and then I will give you a little about what I believe. So, what I have read and what is said is that for the first seven days, that is why it is called the Shiva, which is the first seven days after a person leaves this world, that soul sort of wanders from its place where it lived and also into the next world, and we will discuss that a little bit. So it is not, for the first seven days it is, sort of, not in a place. It is not permanent in any one place. By the way, the first seven days of the Shiva, is the same as the first seven days of life. That is why it is said that the soul of a baby is not rested until the 8th day. And that is why we do a Brit for a boy on the 8th day, and we name the child after the second Shabbat that he is here because the soul is yet not put into one particular place. And it is the same thing with when we leave this world. After that period of time it is said that either we go to a place where our soul is cleansed; we are taken from the body, the soul is taken from the body, at that point completely, and is taken either to a cleansing place. Now, does that mean Hell, in the terms of being burned by fire? The question and the answer is not quite simple because there is the Ari that writes that that cleansing has to do with seeing all the things that we have done in our lives, reading from that book, and Gabriel, the angel whose hand is on the wheel, is there in front of us and there they decide whether that soul is fit to be cleansed through a process of a few months, whether it is by seeing in front of our eyes... The idea of burning may very well be seeing over and over again the things where we had the opportunities and we did not go to them. And really at this point with eyes wide open being able to see had we made that leap, had we made that jump, well, we would not be going through this process of seeing and repenting. I mean there is nothing more visible to a person than what he is shown and he knows, absolutely, that he had the opportunity and the door was open. It is like when you are in a business deal and the opportunity is there and you think and you think and you say, "Okay, I am ready," and they say, "Sorry, opportunity just left." That is a cleansing because you look at it and you see it and your soul is like "I had it, I was there, I could have finished my process! But, I was too tired, I was too lazy, I was too discerning..." whatever. That is a part of the process. And then, after that, there is the journey to fix, to repair, to change, to rebuild all the things that we did not do in this incarnation. And that has to do with the soul now returning to Earth, in whatever form it might take, to redirect and to reconstruct those things which we call karma, those things that we have left undone. And now we come back to redo the undone portions. Unfortunately, it is like... you know, people ask the question if we do regression, if we go back, if we see then, for sure, we will do what we have to do in this life. Guess what? They saw Moses, they parted the sea, they went to the other side. Do you know what happened the day afterwards? They were complaining, "Why did you do this to me?" That also happens when we come back. We forget, we do not know what karma is there for us. And so we go through the process all over again. Now, one thing I wanted to give you, and Eliyahu Yardeni told me that he had read it someplace, but my thought was, when that soul finally takes hold and leaves this domain, and it is my word, I did not see it written so I am not going to say, but he had said that he had read it someplace, that we enter into another dimension. And we enter into a dimension of consciousness alone, that would be our essence but in a consciousness. And in that level, all that soul is retrained, and retaught, and stripped from its negativity until it is purified, and that will remain in that state until we can go to a higher level of consciousness. And when we reach the place where we can acknowledge, and it is not simple, all our negative actions then we can incarnate to do the actions which we now admit and understand have to be be retrained. And we start the process over again with one exception; we are not given the thought of where we were and what happened, and why we are here. And if you went into hypnotic regression, and whatever you might do, it is not going to help you; you have to do the work.

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