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Consciousness 5 - Positive Thinkers are Negative Contributors

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Desteni Presents Positive Thinkers are Negative Contributors So - Positive thinking in sales you will find that positive thinking is very quickly shown as what it really is pipe dreams which obviously in something like sprituality and new age or ascension groups or the alien groups are very difficult for the people to realize because there is no actual action that ever take place they only have to believe so a suggestion is one go into sales so you can see where the positive thinking actually works in sales you'll find a fascinating thing: only positive actions accumulates to actually produce physically eventually, the movement of money which is called the sale or an order positive thinking is meaningless you can think as positive as much as you like, as long as you like if you do not take the positive action, it will make no difference whatsoever and you will not make a sale or get an order the same can be said about changing the world to think positive and love everyone is meaningless because you are taking no actual action you are in fact negative because you are not moving as an positive actual event you are actually not moving which means you are an actual negative event so being positive or loving everyone is in fact an act of negativity a positive action is an action that will change the world in a practical physical way that's best for all in this for instance equal money will be a practical physical change that will benefit everyone in the world same with equal labor in fact to such an extent that if equal money is in fact part of the world system as the world system practically when a child is born anywhere in the world, it'll be a joy because you'll know that that child is physically practically taken care of, in terms of all its needs and can enter this world as a dignified part of Life that's the actual loving thy neighbor effectively, practically so those that hide behind love and positive thinking you are only doing so because you have money you are not in fact- positive, you are in fact negative you fear in fact to lose the benefits and the advantage you have in this current world system stop - because that is dishonest Please join us for Discussion: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on May 23, 2010


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