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Sunday Streets Brings

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We live in Potrero Hill and this is our first opportunity to ever walk on 24th street. Without traffic it's quite nice. There's a quiet calm and buzz of people's voices and no cars This feeling of openness and freedom it's nice to just walk and feel like there is a community here. You also slow down a little bit when there's a festival. We just saw a couple of restaurants that we hadn't seen that had patios in the back that we'd never noticed before. Listen to the sound. It's very different from cars, horns blowing. Even in crossings, people is on this open lane. Everybody is veryp polite and very joyful. This was more crowded than the last time we did the mission route So, I would say it had to be about 20,000 people. We have the support of all the city departments: MTA, the SFPD, the Parking Control Officers. So that's been really helpful. It takes money as well, just to get the word out. This route was about a mile and a half long. This is the most expensive route to do simply because there's so many intersections. It's a great way to showcase what the city has. Let people enjoy their streets again without worrying about cars. Let kids go out and ride bikes, let people sit where normally there's rushing part traffic and you don't wan to sit. I'm having the greatest day, you know? I thought, hey there's not --you're just in the street and figure nothing would be happening but it turns out little kids, their families and their dogs and everyone's smiling, everyone's laughing. All the different people. It's like their meaning world is as it should be. So I've been in awe just walking slowly around. The regular streets are just a little scary, you know? It's just neat, it's the best. I wish I had a bike and I wish I had kids today.

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Posted by: missionlocal on Jul 20, 2009

Sunday Streets in the Mission District, July 19, 2009.

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