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Atheism in the middle east

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I'll be doing mine on Atheism in the middle east. I'm not only going to be covering the middle east. Just predominantly the middle east. Right now, there are presently thirteen countries that have the potential to execute you if you label yourself as an atheist. Now that's... not always. Typically in those thirteen countries it'll usually just be prison time. But occasionally it's been done. These thirteen countries include countries spanning from even a little bit of Asia to Africa, including Malaysia Oceania and things like Sudan and Somalia. They call it blasphemy and apostasy. The difference is apostasy is the abandonment or renunciation of a current religion that you have. And blasphemy is speaking sacrilegiously about a god or religion. And like I said, I won't only be just focusing on the Middle East. Just predominantly. As you can see these are the thirteen countries. And like I said, not all of them will execute you. I don't want to say all of them will. With more humanitarian actions lately, they're starting to get a little better. But Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan and Somalia. They still have the potential to execute you if you live there and label yourself as an atheist. Egypt is still pretty bad. You can get prison time in Egypt. And Malaysia in this area around Oceania. You can also go to prison there. I know this says 2013, but I looked it up and it's still pretty much the same with all of these countries. The brighter colors are places where you just can't convert a current Muslim. (Dumb tangent about Australia that I shouldn't have brought up.) Some recent events involving this: First is Karim Al Banna. He's going to receive three years in prison. He was on facebook, and on facebook he announced he was going to start labeling himself as atheist. He was a student, and he was only 21 years old. Now he'll be getting three years in prison just for going on facebook and saying he's an atheist. Ashraf Fayadh is probably the worst case on here. He was just a poet, and he wrote poems involving his atheism. At first he was charged with being an atheist. And he was going to be beheaded. But, thankfully, his lawyer invtervened. He's only going to be getting eight years now. And over the course of sixteen years, only eight of which he will be in prison, he will be receiving eight hundred lashes. Alexander Aan. He is actually not in the middle east. He's in the Indonesian area. He's going to be getting five years in prison for labeling himself as an atheist. Because, in Indonesia, and in a few of those other countries, you do have freedom of religion. You just don't have the freedom of irreligion. You have to carry an ID badge. And, on the ID badge, you have to pick a certain religion. And atheism isn't included. It's against the law. Karam Saber, he's also from Egypt like Karim. He wrote a book called "Where is God?" And he was arrested for that. I don't think it actually even claimed anything atheist. It just had sort of an undertone. And he's received five years in jail, not prison, for that. Viktor Krasnov. He's also not completely in the middle east. He's in the area in south western Russia. He's 38 years old. And he just simply wrote on the internet, I think either on a chatroom or a blog, that he didn't believe in God. And he's going to receive one year in jail. In comparison to other places, I picked places that were predominantly of one major religion. Thailand is 95% Theravada Buddhist. And generally, they're very accepting. You have the freedom to be an atheist in that country. Nepal is 81% Hindu. I was going to pick India, but Nepal is more Hindu by percentage. So I picked Nepal instead of India. There's some small religious restrictions, like certain things on identifications. Certain things like that. But generally not that bad. And there's no laws preventing atheism. And finally, the United States, which is the predominant Christian country in the world. You all know, you have freedom of religion here and the freedom of irreligion. But in the United States, there are seven states that have a law in their constitution that prohibits atheists from running for public office. As you can see in Article 9, Section 2 of the Tennessee State constitution: "No person who denies the being of God, or a future state of rewards and punishments, shall hold any office in the civil department of this State." So it's not only limited to Islam. That's not the point of my presentation. I don't want anyone to think that this is saying how bad Islam is. It's just that there's seems to be this undertone attitude towards atheism. And it's all across the world. And I looked as long as I could, and I found so many humanitarian groups working for, well, not just Christians. Other religions as well. You know, they go out and they fight for Christian rights and they set up churches, stuff like that. I only found two humanitarian organizations that are actually even doing anything for atheist rights around the world. And that's the American Humanist Association and the Human Rights Watch. We can only hope that, in the future, this will become more of a bigger topic. Hopefully, it will get spread out among the world and you can see more changes in the attitudes towards atheists, and also Agnostics. Thank you! --Questions for Joseph? --Did you find any set law that said.. um.. like I just noticed you were talking about the different guys, there was a lot of variation [unintelligible]. Is there a law that says, "If you're an atheist, you're going to get 1 year in prison?" There's umm, particularly like in Saudi Arabia where Fayadh was going to get executed, there are actual parts of their written laws that prohibit you from it. If that's what you're asking. I didn't look at every single country. There's a lot of countries where it's illegal. --I was just wondering that because he's going to be getting 900 or 800 lashes. That is just such a.. He's actually really happy. I mean he's not gonna get his head cut off, ya know? So he's like, "Okay. Eight years and then eight hundred lashes isn't that bad." They're still fighting for him. Any other questions? --What country was he from? The man that was receiving the lashes. Saudi Arabia. Which is probably one of the worse-er countries to label yourself Atheist. Right now, anyway. Pretty big topic right now, actually. Anyone else?

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