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Provence Aquaculture first organic fish farming in the Mediterranean

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Organic fishes in Frioul (Marseille) This morning, as we do twice a week Monday and Thursday, we are going to fish the quantity of sea bream and sea bass asked by our customers Sun is rising on the fish farm in the bay of the Pomegue island Here, the transports are done with flat bottom boats to go to the cages My colleagues, Laurent and Pierre, concentrated the fishes in the nets to transfer them in a box of water and ice for transport We are going to take 150 fishes We force them in this direction The 'salabre' is this perch used to fish out the net The sea bream weight between 300gr and 1,5kg after 30 months As for tuna fishing, we fabricated a net to ease the extraction of fishes in the cage This is cutting very sharply, that's why we handle it with care This is a beautiful sea bass from Frioul The fish farm exists since 1989 Emmanuel Briquet was 23 years old when it was created. The farm now employs 6 people. It is composed of around 30 cages Melanie, can you turn off the T8 aerator The daily routine consists in fishing in the morning, Then some maintenance, We prepare the feed for meals, We clean the nets to facilitate water circulation in the cages In France there are very few fish farms Only 5000 tonnes of farmed fish a year are produced This is very few compared to Greece, 100 000t is produced there Even if in France we have a lot of coast line, we have the know-how and the market but we don't manage to develop aquaculture because we have a difficulty to access public marine domain to create fish farms Today, the whole french fish farm could stand in 20ha It could all fit in the old Marseille harbour!! 4 years ago (in 2003), Provence Aquaculture was the first Mediterranean fish farm to be certified organic it is a quality guarantee, with a long list of environmental requirements Organic fish farming requirement are written in a 80 pages document From the origin of the fishes composing the feed to the choice of the parents of farmed fishes Stocking density, Absence of chemical treatments, Feed quality, Everything! Even the soap we use to wash our hands! Everything we do respect 3 pillars: 1- Respect of the Environment 2- Respect of the Consumer 3- Respect of the Animals On average the organic sea breams and sea bass are 30% more expensive than the conventional But the price is not a barrier to the market and every year 150 000 fishes reach local supermarkets and Marseille restaurants

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Duration: 4 minutes and 51 seconds
Year: 2007
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Producer: LCM
Director: LCM
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This video was done by La Chaine Marseille (LCM) in January 2007. It presents the company Provence Aquaculture by a visit of the Mediterranean first certified organic fish farm. You can learn more about Provence aquaculture online:

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