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Boris Yeltsin, Afterdeath 1: Mind Control

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Boris Yeltsin Interview- Part 1/2 Heello..Hello, this is Boris..Yeltsin and 'I Am Speaking from the Dimensions' and..I am here to have all..people of the world, and russian know..that.. i'm still 'Here' and that I did not die..and I still exist, and I would like to share with you my experience when I die. I experienced myself on earth, now..remember that.. my experience that i'm sharing right now is..interdimensional, meaning.. I am going to speak to, who I am right now..on earth, and also crossed over to the dimensions so.. I am going to give you an interdimensional perspective of my life on earth. and..that how..and what happened there..and then how I experienced myself when I died. but first before I continue, let me tell you about..that I still exist, and that.. when you die, you don't really die. you actually.. 'move' this 'spirit' form out of your physical body. but, now as everything has changed's not like you are now this.. 'ghost' that on forever, doing nothing floating in the..heavens..if all ethereal like. No, that's not how it works. you die, you move on, you move to the dimensional existence. and then you're right back here on earth, so we start 'shaking up' the world.. and start waking up the world while we shake it up. so that human beings on this world, and on this earth plane.. can start realizing what the hell is really going on. so, my life on earth was rather an interesting one. Though it was rather strange how I experienced terms of having to.. you know the whole..'male form', the male dominant powerful expression, and.. it's interesting because when I died, and I got to the dimensions I was quite 'tired'. You know this 'heavy' feeling, know, I realized what i've done to myself..while I was.. let me just get my sit right. while I was..on earth, and.. I was quite nice to finally have an opportunity, to sit quite comfortably here, because.. you know, when you're on earth..and you had the position that I had.. you have to give a certain specific presentation for 'the people', because you have to 'stand for the people' as the people. have to stand to for your responsibility as your responsibility. and, you made me tired. it made me very tired, know you have to..'stand'. You have to stand as your presence, and you have to speak these specific words to the people.. and you have to be dressed in a certain way, and.. you know, you have to be specific in your hand manuvers. you can't be too soft, you can't show that you' any have to become this.. 'stoned cold..powerful influential..spokesman', and you've got to get the people's trust, and you've got to get the people's support. and that whole changed, because now..while I was here I had to..change myself and I had to 'mold' myself and I had to..become the..certain specific presentation of myself. makes you 'tired', know.. when I got down..out of, to the dimensions now after I died..and, you know.. I understand that it must be difficult to comprehend, you know that hear me..Boris, still existing. yae, my voice might have strange, because i'm still speaking through this portal.. the person's body is (excuse me)..this body's who..the person, whose body this is voiced.. I have to use to kinda..'present myself' is also here, but I fully her body. (she also) and that I have the ability to communicate with you. and did you know that's why i've experienced in my life.. especially the position that I was and the..responsibility I had, and the 'position' I had. was very specific and therefor, I had to kind of 'mold' and change myself specificly from that perspective. and, you know..You Get..'tired', you get 'fucking tired'.. you get tired because have to change yourself completely, and you have to remain that way in front of 'everyone' because.. in the position that I was, there's little people you can trust.. little little people, little little..almost none. and you kind of have to keep your composure.. no matter where you are, no matter what you do.. maybe the only time I had the ability myself is when I sleep (laugh). and, so..I am grateful that I died because.. you know this world is tough. this world is hard. and this world, is difficult to survive in. and I realized that when I died, is that my whole whole presentation, and my entire..manifested form know, how I presented myself..was to survive. can't trust 'anyone' in this world. it is difficult, it is hard and it is rough. and you kinda..stand in that position in front of people know, to have them trust you if you don't even trust yourself or the person standing next to you. It's quite difficult to handle..and.. know, and it's so easy I found while I was here to use words More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Elvis Presley, Peter Tosh, JRR Tolkein CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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