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La tecnología en la sociedad

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Technological advances in areas such as medicine, biology, agriculture and others, have been instrumental in some cases to improve living conditions of many people Previously it takes a lot of time gathering, organizing and processing information seeking new sources and understanding the external environment There are availability of information no matter where in the world you are The internet incorporates the most powerful capabilities of information and communication allowing access to information that has important implications for teaching assessment and research The most important transformations in the social and cultural environment in recent decades have originated in mobile telephony and internet Before the exchange of information was only national Now international exchanges and social relations are made so that we live at the expense of what is happening in the world The internet, mobile communications, broadband, satellite, microwave, are changes significant in economic and social structure and the set of social relations Moreover, technological advances have been engineered to obey interests as research to develop novel weapons fire use of communication technology such as satellites to establish targets for massive arms In addition, information technologies are used to counterfeit paper money and business documents create harmful, pornography internet advertising impacts among the most sensitive Technological innovation in enterprises has caused the process automation replace workers creating unemployment All that said, is that technology, in conclusion affects us positively or negatively depending on how it is used

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Posted by: melicat on Jul 27, 2014

A continuación se explicará la influencia de la tecnología en la sociedad actual

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