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Souffle de l'esprit et non-attachement - 8'

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The fundamental technique is self-remembering. Self-remembering consists in being present to oneself and to the world around. And being present to oneself means being present to the effect the world around has on us and present to our own emotions and thoughts and to their effect on us. Self-remembering, presence to self, means noticing the effect on oneself of one's own thoughts, one's own emotions one'e own physical state, meaning one's own sensations and thus everything that comes to us from the outside world. That is the foundation of it all. And then, one technique or another is used to eradicate one of these aspects so yçou can concentrate more specifically on another aspect. The goal always is to go beyond the narrow state of consciousness of ordinary man to enable this consciousness to become broader and to resonate to real conscience, meaning one's own spirit. In the narrow state of consciousness which is that of ordinary man, the spirit cannot manifest itself consciously very much, the space of consciousness is not sufficient. As soon as consciousness is allowed to broaden, the spirit you are, or the Spirit, has a chance to manifest. And techniques all have that very goal, actually. Each has its own specificity, of course, but we tell you what it is when we talk about those techniques. What comes to mind when I am listening to you, is that even when I really try to be with myself, when I create that possibility, I still am under the impression that I am still extremely narrow in all areas. And when you speak of "resonance with the spirit" I feel that the spirit still is very, very, very far. It is not far, it is very close, but you have other priorities Your entire being still has other priorities, so it is attached to those other priorities. And being attached to other priorities than to the spirit prevents the spirit from manifesting itself consciously and fully. As soon as you have practised non-attachment for a long enough time and once you have reached a certain kind of, not non-attachment, but real detachment, in that case, everything unattached can manifest itself. And the only thing unattached, is the spirit, it is life, it is life as it is. It is the flow of life, the movement of life, it is the movement of the soul, it is the movement of the spirit. All that is unattached. I mean the movement, not the soul. The soul is full of attachments. But the spirit is but a breath, it is not attached. The soul locks things in, so it is attached. That is the reason why you need to be in touch with the movement of the soul, and not with the soul, if you want to free yourself. Yes, being unattached is the key. Am I right when I understand, in your answer, that you mean to say that the spirit is there, but it is locked in, attached, confined, interested in other things? No, no, it is there, but you, in your personality, you have other priorities. These priorities can also be called attachments, or desires, needs, demands, conditioning, all kinds of things of the kind. And as long as that is what you consider your priority, your spirit has no space. it is just a tiny bit of consciousness which you try to manifest from time to time, wherever it may be, and you will not even feel it, because it is but a breath. But when you are not attached any longer, when you have reached non-attachment, then, a greater space of consciousness opens up. Otherwise, your consciousness is busy, all the time, engaged in all kinds of things: your emotions, your thoughts, your plans, eveything. Your consciousness is busy with all that. Being busy with all that, very little conscious consciousness remains, in which the spirit may actually manifest itself. As soon as you are detached from all that, not attached to all those things, which does not mean you cannot keep doing it all, all of it, but with detachment, or rather with no attachment, then, there is space, and consciousness widens, and int that broader state of consciousness, the spirit has space. It can breathe, it can move along. Otherwise, it is confined. And when it is confined, you cannot detect it. But it is there. The spirit is free, it is breath, it is air, it is wind blowing free. it is always free. It blows everywhere, it really is breath. That is what the spirit is. And as soon as you confine breath, or spirit as we said, or wind, or air, within a space, whichever it may be, that breath becomes rotten. You cannot confine spirit. It is not spirit anymore ! Do you understand ? It becomes confined air. it is not a breath anymore. The spirit needs space. It fills the whole space. The soul, on the contrary, is... it is a circle with movement inside. The spirit can blow through the soul and come out. But the soul always confines things a little. The soul is what enables us to be connected to all those whom we are tied to by love or hate. All that belongs to our soul, or to our various souls. A wider state of consciousness becomes conscious of the movements which take place within the soul, or the movement of the various souls. You can only sense the spirit as a breath, so you have to be quite awake to sense it, because it is what is most subtle. it is easier to have a sense of what the soul is, because you can detect its movement in everything that moves, in everything that exists: the movement of emotions, the movement of thoughts, the movement of relationships, movement, all movements. that is why it manifests itself so easily, through movement, even physical movements. It is not the spirit that you see when people move around. But as soon as they move, as soon as they speak, it is the soul which expresses itself. You can recognize the souls in people, or that part of the soul which they represent. And what we call consciousness, is the space in which all that can happen while a humain being is in a physical body.

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