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..'cause what you're hearing... Tell me what you want to hear. What I was going to do was play, you know that piece from 25 and then it'll play whatever I put up, and then it'll go to the piece from 12 if you like. Or I can hear just whole tapes. So in this gap here it'll put in whatever I have down here, which currently is 11. - So, 11 is... - We're not using 11 now for anything. - 25's the start. - It starts at 25 up to here. - That's 25. - Then it goes to 12. That's one take. Right? - What I played you was the two pieces from the... - OK. - The last two bars of 12. - Why don't we literally just go through it? - Go through them all, switch in and see which one sounds best.- OK. The front half of that was not bad. - The back half... - ..was not great. 11 was better than 12. That won't work because of the descending figure. - How about that? - Not bad in the back. - In the very end, right? - What was that? 16. No. No. I don't know. How many people are going to hear this? What we're doing here is on behalf of them, basically. We're basically a filter. - We should never hear that one again. - No. - What was that? - 22. The very end of that one is especially good I thought. - That would connect on the front. - Yeah, it might. I like that bit. OK, so the 23 is good. - Here's 24, that's what we were using. - OK, so... - ...our options are... - There is a 26. No. - For front-halves we have... - 22, 23. 22... I might have to get the cans on. We're going to have to go next level here.

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Posted by: brynarth on Sep 10, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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