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Making the Career Transition to Renewable Energy

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Hey guys, I just wanted to share a quick tip on the subject of how to make the career transition to Renewable Energy, Which understandably is a really hot subject right now for a lot of working professionals in Singapore, or Asia, or actually around the world, whether you're from Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemicals, conventional Power, or other industries. and you want to know and find out how you actually make that transition into Renewable Energy. So, I did host a workshop on this subject a few months back, I've been a little quiet unfortunately on this subject at the moment. I want to start getting back out there with regular content, like this to help you guys in understanding what you need to do to make this career transition. And the first thing I really want to share with you on this video right now; it's a really quick tip on how you start. Start by immersing yourself in the industry, and a really easy way to do that is with Google alerts. If you guys are using Google alerts - great. Mix up your keywords. If you're not using Google alerts and you don't know what they are, Google them! But essentially, Google will push information to you on a daily basis from various online domains, based on the keywords you put in. For those you want to get into Solar, Wind, Energy Storage - Use keywords like "Solar" "Singapore" "Renewable Energy" "Asia" "Wind Energy" "Asia Pacific" You get the point. Get this done. Each day you get a lot of information Pushed to you which will help you understand who the key players are, what the landscape looks like, what the dynamics are, where the activity is. And really just to start helping you actually immerse yourself in the industry. That's a quick tip for you guys. I'm going to be sharing more content like this to really help you all in understanding how you make the career transition to Renewable Energy. Hope this helps, and I look forward to talking with you all again. Take care.

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Duration: 2 minutes
Year: 2018
Country: Singapore
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Posted by: acarabetta on Jul 24, 2018

A quick tip for candidates around the world on how you can make the career transition to the Renewable Energy industry by using Google alerts.

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